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It’s May 1st and the means that it is the start of Food Allergy Awareness Month.  And since it’s also small business week this week we are making our Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur Series daily!  Today we are featuring Tracy of Nutrimom® – Food Allergy Liaison.   Tracy and I have been connected through the food allergy community for a few years now.  

Tracy’s business is pretty widespread- from consultations, to recipes and reviews, newsletters, and photography- she likes to help others through their food allergy journey.

I would like to thank Tracy for taking the time to share her story and more about her business with us.  Check out the Nutrimom® – Food Allergy Liaison website and connect with Tracy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
Food Allergy Consultant, Author, Blogger, Mother & Self-professed “Kitchen Geek” my website and media pages are a mixture of product reviews, recipes and advice mixed with a tinge of humor. I write, I cook and I laugh and I aim to make everyone else do the same.
What does your business do?
Bunches of things! One-on-one consultations, ebook, articles, product reviews, recipe creation, newsletters, food photography- anything that keeps me busy and helps others through their food allergy journey is what I want to be a part of.
Who is your target audience or market?
I can safely say everyone. Although my information leans toward those with food allergies and intolerances, I am always willing to help anyone who asks me within my realm of expertise. Sometimes there are people who aren’t sure if they need help and I don’t want to leave anyone feeling alone.
What year did you start your business?
What were you doing before starting your business?
Working part time and being a mom
Where is your business located? Do you have a dedicated workspace?
I’m in Pfafftown, North Carolina (just outside of Winston-Salem). I am grateful enough to meet with clients virtually or in comfortable public places where we can sit comfortably and talk. I am all about low key, stress-free.
What would you say your biggest success has been? What was the key action that led to this success?
I don’t feel there is ever any “one thing”- I believe that everything I do is for a bigger reason. I strive every day to do better than I did the day before. To me, even the smallest things that happen can be a big part of the picture. You never know what that will bring you or who you will meet.
What would you say your biggest failure has been?
Technology! I know I am not as savy as I should be but I know not everyone is and I am ok with that. There should always be room to improve yourself.
What did you learn from this failure and how have you changed things to prevent this from happening again?
I found myself feeling doubtful of my own skills because of what I lacked where others excelled. Then I realized that what I do is NOT about what I can’t do- it’s about what I CAN do and that the rest will follow as needed.
What has been your biggest challenge as a small business owner?
Continuing to reshape and update my business. I have watched my food photography and videos transform, I have looked back to realize how much I have written and how this has included different areas of food and health. Sometimes the biggest challenge is not realizing that all of your work before is what has brought you to your current status. I think especially when you have your own business, it’s difficult to allow yourself to feel accomplished.
Was there ever a point where you wanted to give up? If so, why?
Yes, many many times. Blogging is difficult. Being in social media is difficult and unless you know what you are doing or have the right contacts, it can be downright disappointing. This being said no matter how much I may have wanted to give up, I never allowed myself to because I knew this was what I am supposed to do, which is what gives me hope to continue. If you wake up and want to quit without thinking twice, you are meant for something else. Life is too short to waste your time doing the wrong thing.
What do you love MOST about being an entrepreneur?
All of the amazing people that I meet! Whether it be at events & expos, through my social media contacts or even my consultations I am a true people person. I get recharged meeting others that want to discuss the ups and downs of this area and it’s a big part of what keeps my mind thinking. I am grateful to have that.
What do you love LEAST about being an entrepreneur?
Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish it was a tad easier. I have no assistants or helpers – it’s just me. And because I find it difficult to say no to things, I often stress that I won’t get everything done although I always do.
How have you funded your business? How long has it taken you to see a profit?
Yes, I funded my own business. Profit- I would say a good five years. That’s when I noticed things changed from me asking to for work to other people approaching me and asking me to work with them.
Did you always see yourself owning a business? If so, is this the business that you thought you would be owning? If not, what did you think you’d be doing?
Yes, always! The way my mind works means that I NEED creativity. I cannot do anything repetitive without seeing an outcome that isn’t helping someone or letting me create something from what I am doing.
Where do you see your business in the next 3 to 5 years?
I would like to branch out with more companies and products as a consultant. If it’s writing, cooking, videos, spokesperson- I am looking for part of what I do to have a stable aspect as well.
What advice would you give to other women that are interested in starting their own business?
As I mentioned earlier- make sure it’s what you know you want to do. If you spend your time and energy on things that do not keep your heart full and your mind busy, you will most likely fail. And listen to that little voice that tells you when you think something is right or wrong- most of the time it’s correct.
What is one program, tool or app that you can’t live without for your business? (If you have more than one, please feel free to share more!)
Instagram. I know it’s simple compared to other things but I feel out of all of the social media outlets, it’s the place that I can truly share myself without feeling like a crazy blogger chick (even though I am). I know it doesn’t do anything amazing like save me time but it does help me emotionally.
What does your day to day in your business look like?
LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of emails…oh my gosh, the emails! But without them, I would not be busy. Updating my social media pages, working on new recipes, brainstorming on what to write and jotting down notes. I have notes for my notes- even though most people are all about tech, I am a hands-on person who likes writing my lists on good old fashioned paper.
As a business owner it can often be hard to find time for ourselves. What are your favorite hobbies and what do you like to do when you are not working?
I actually enjoy recipe creations and food photography & videos- always with music on. I also love walking outside with my iPod blasting. I am so not a gym person- I need to see, hear and smell the outdoors.
Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your business?
What you see is what you get. When someone comes out to meet me at an event, the first thing they tell me is that I am exactly how they thought I would be and I love that. I am true to myself and what I believe – after all, my word is what makes me reputable so there is no reason to be any other way.
Any other comments?
I am grateful to be a part of this amazing world of people that I meet every single day. I am here to help so always reach out and ask me. If I cannot help, I will do my best to find someone who can. That’s what it’s all about, right?
Thank you so much to Tracy for taking the time to share her story and more about Nutrimom® – Food Allergy Liaison .   You can connect with Tracy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Are you a small business owner?  Do you have a story to share?  Help others discover, learn, and support your business too!  Contact Katie at: kate (at) busybeekate.com for details or through our contact page.
Be sure to stop back next week for another interview and don’t forget to check out our past interviews here.
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