Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur Series // Mary Trotter of Chasing the Sky Designs

Welcome to another interview of the “Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur” series on Busy Bee Kate.  This week is also small business week so I will be featuring a new women-owned business daily!

Today we are featuring Mary Trotter, artist at Chasing the Sky Designs.Mary started her business last year and is so talented!  She creates drawings, canvas paintings, painting on wooden pieces and coasters.  Her painted nature scenes are so breathtaking.

I would like to thank Mary for taking the time to share her story and more about her business with us.  Chasing the Sky designs can be found online and on Facebook and Instagram.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am 23 years old and have always loved creating art. I started my business about 6 months ago and can’t wait to grow with my work. I work full time as a customer representative at Quakertown Veterinary Clinic and work on my art during the weekend. I am engaged to my wonderful fiancé William Fisher and we have a cute as a button cat named Nutmeg.
What does your business do? 
I create inspirational pieces including drawings, canvas paintings, painting on wooden pieces and coasters. I also love painting nature scenes that include snowy mountains, trees and lakes.
Who is your target audience or market? 
All ages, you’re never too young or old to get inspired by art!
What year did you start your business?
What were you doing before starting your business? 
I worked as a Certified Nurses Aid for 2 years in nursing homes.
Where is your business located? Do you have a dedicated workspace?
At my home in Pennsburg, PA. My dedicated work space is a corner in my living room!
What would you say your biggest success has been? What was the key action that led to this success?
I would say my greatest success is creating works of art that are personalized to the customers needs. I created a personalized cutting board for my dad’s birthday with his favorite recipe on it. When I posted it to social media, I immediately had a couple people interested in getting one made for either themselves or their loved ones! Creating a piece of work that can be personalized could be a big hit!
What would you say your biggest failure has been?
What did you learn from this failure and how have you changed things to prevent this from happening again?
I’ve created a schedule for myself that helps keep me on track with my projects, orders and goals.
What has been your biggest challenge as a small business owner?
Getting the word out and making connections. It’s a lot of work and time to create posts on social media, putting up flyers, vendoring at local craft fairs etc.. but ultimately worth it and will pay off in the end!
Was there ever a point where you wanted to give up? If so, why?
There was a period where I stopped doing my work and felt like I lost my muse. I felt like I wasn’t as good as everyone else on social media.
Did you always see yourself owning a business? If so, is this the business that you thought you would be owning? If not, what did you think you’d be doing?
When I was younger, for a little while I thought would grow up and own a restaurant (only because Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog owned a restaurant and I am a huge Disney lover!)
What advice would you give to other women that are interested in starting their own business?
Never give up, lose hope, or compare yourself to others! You got this!
What is one program, tool or app that you can’t live without for your business? (If you have more than one, please feel free to share more!)
Instagram has been my favorite tool to use because it allows me to connect to people from all around the world.
As a business owner it can often be hard to find time for ourselves. What are your favorite hobbies and what do you like to do when you are not working?
I love watching my favorite shows on Netflix with Will and Nutmeg and I also love to crochet.
Thank you so much to Mary for taking the time to share her story and her beautiful artwork with us.  Remember to check out her website and connect with Chasing the Sky Designs on Facebook and Instagram.
Are you a small business owner?  Do you have a story to share?  Help others discover, learn, and support your business too!  Contact Katie at: kate (at) busybeekate.com for details or through our contact page.
Be sure to stop back next week for another interview and don’t forget to check out our past interviews here.
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