Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur Series // Christy Venter of HealthyMe Living

Welcome to our next interview of the new “Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur” series on Busy Bee Kate. Today we are featuring Christy Venter of HealthyMe Living.
Christy and I were connected through a mutual Facebook group for small business owners and I love to read how Christy’s story evolved.  One of those where she saw a need and she took the initiative to fill it. Christy is a Holistic Health Coach and offers health coaching, healthy snack boxes, and healthy vending machines.  

(photo courtesy of Christy Venter)

I would like to thank her for taking the time to share her story and more about her business with us.  Check out her website and also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

(photo courtesy of Christy Venter)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a Holistic Health Coach and Mom of two girls.

What does your business do?
I do health coaching, healthy snack subscription boxes and healthy vending machines.

Who is your target audience or market?
It varies. Snack boxes tend to be more popular with millennials and health coaching is geared more towards families.

(photo courtesy of Christy Venter)

What year did you start your business?

What were you doing before starting your business?
Working at a college.

Where is your business located? Do you have a dedicated workspace?
In Albany, NY. I work out of my home office.

What would you say your biggest success has been? What was the key action that led to this success?
When I health coached a Mom who was worried about her son. He was having GI problems and needed surgery. I was so happy to have helped him and prevented the surgery and get him on track. That was one of my happiest health coaching moments.

What would you say your biggest failure has been?
Trying to do too much that you aren’t doing everything as well as you’d like. Sometimes I’m spread too thin that things fall through the cracks.

What did you learn from this failure and how have you changed things to prevent this from happening again?
I’m trying to get help and let go of things that aren’t making a big impact. It’s hard to do but I’m working on it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a small business owner?
Knowing what you’re focus should be and what to invest in. Marketing? Business coach? Assistant? Hire someone? Etc.

Was there ever a point where you wanted to give up? If so, why?
Many times. Sometimes it seemed like the hurdles were endless and it became exhausting. It makes you question what you are doing. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just a stepping stone and chance to learn.

What do you love MOST about being an entrepreneur?
The creativity and freedom.

What do you love LEAST about being an entrepreneur?
No directions/guidelines given to you. You have to navigate on your own and figure it out.

How have you funded your business? How long has it taken you to see a profit?
I used our family savings and it took about 2 years to start seeing any profit.

Did you always see yourself owning a business? If so, is this the business that you thought you would be owning? If not, what did you think you’d be doing?
I always had the “itch” to do something different. I was the person that always said “you know what would be a great business…” I never thought I’d do healthy vending machines. I knew nothing about vending machines. It was not the plan but it’s where the path has lead me. I thought I’d have invented a product or sold something.

Where do you see your business in the next 3 to 5 years?
I hope to grow the healthy snack boxes so that people all over are able to get easy access to healthy snacks. I want it to be something that people look forward to receiving and that impact their lives in a positive way.

What advice would you give to other women that are interested in starting their own business?
Be organized. I wasn’t very organized when it comes to data, finances and contact information. It makes it hard to track how you’re growing and what needs fixing. It’s also important to see who you need to follow up with and as you grow, it becomes more and more difficult to keep your eye on everything without a good system.

What is one program, tool or app that you can’t live without for your business? (If you have more than one, please feel free to share more!)
I love Canva for designing and evernote has been helpful for trying to keep my notes and lists in order.

What does your day to day in your business look like?
Social media post in the morning, make a fun snack/meal and take pics, respond to emails and fill vending machines.

As a business owner it can often be hard to find time for ourselves. What are your favorite hobbies and what do you like to do when you are not working?
I love to read and escape my endless thoughts, ideas and to do lists. When it’s nice, I love to get outside and go for a walk or just hang out with the family.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your business?
I really miss health coaching and seeing people reach health goals. I want to start giving that more focus.

Any other comments?
Sometimes our goals feel like a million steps away. It can get overwhelming but if we keep taking those small steps, we’re getting closer each day.

Thank you so much to Christy for taking the time to share her story and more about her business with us.  Remember to check out her website and also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Are you a small business owner?  Do you have a story to share?  Help others discover, learn, and support your business too!  Contact Katie at: kate (at) busybeekate.com for details or through our contact page.
Be sure to stop back next week for another interview and don’t forget to check out our past interviews here.

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