#VoicesBehindAutism Campaign | A LOUD Autism Awareness Campaign by Dr. “Ali” Alisha Griffith

Today I am honored that we have a guest post by Dr. “Ali” Alisha Griffith who is the force behind the campaign “#VoicesBehindAutism”.

This campaign showcases different ways that Autism has touched ones lives.  To learn more about the campaign Ali has done a short Q&A below and you can also find the campaign video on YouTube which explains more about it.  While you are over on YouTube she has a series of different videos that are really worth watching.   The website for the campaign can be found here

#VoicesBehindAutism Campaign | A LOUD Autism Awareness Campaign

What made you decide to do this campaign [VoicesBehind Autism]?
Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we really wanted to provide different perspectives on how Autism has affected different people in different ways: from parents, to siblings, to caregivers, to teachers and more. We interviewed a series of different people and asked them to share how Autism has touched them, and what challenges they have faced and overcome. We shine the light on parents as they discuss their challenges and success stories. The children impacted directly as they share with the world their joy, passions and unique interests. The family members (siblings and grandparents) that are so heroic and essential in the raising of the child. Finally from our support team like therapists and friends who provide us with tools and a shoulder to lean on. We are sharing this so we can increase more autism acceptance, and we can increase more Autism awareness and inclusion. These are the many voices behind Autism. You can view the campaign on www.motivatingautism.com.

What brought you to the decision to start advocating for Autism Awareness and Acceptance?
I shared with my coach and mentor more about my personal life and my journey with Zachary, my son on the autism spectrum. She empowered me by encouraging me to share my story to acceptance to help other moms in the world, who are still in the stages of denial, guilt, anger, shame and shared the tiring journey of parenting autism. Identifying my own gifts of connection, education and experience of training families with varied special needs for almost 20 years and combining them with my fiery level of passion, I chose to do this through my book Au-mazing Gift A Journey to Autism Acceptance.

What are some of the support systems you used when you found out about your son’s diagnosis?
There are so many support groups, live and virtual, speaking to other moms who went through a similar journey and creating my own support team was the most powerful. We have a wonderful support group on Facebook groups called “Accept Autism Fest”

What are some of the biggest challenges, in your opinion, that parents of Autism are facing today?
Denial, other people on the world negative words and actions, communication challenges, feeling alone and loss of their own dreams and desires.

If people could take one message from this campaign, what would it be?
If you are reading this, you are also a Voice behind autism. Make a Difference and make some noise.

Dr. “Ali” Alisha Griffith is an Autism Mom, Communication Expert (Audiologist and Speech Pathologist), Best Selling Author of “Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance”, IGNITE Coach and Transformational Speaker and Trainer. She provides coaching to teach individuals and caregivers how to become effective listeners, foster stronger relationships and get ignited and focused.  

You can connect with Ali on social media here:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Thank you Ali for sharing your more about the #VoicesBehindAutism Campaign.  I encourage you to become a Voice behind Autism.

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