Vintage Parrot Redo

Yesterday we featured a bird of a different feather that we thrifted for just $2.50 and today we have Ms. Parrot as our feature bird.  She was thrifted for just $1.50 and it turned out to be a real challenge during her redo, as I’ll walk you through below.

Here’s out she looked upon her arrival at home.  Very blue, very tacky and, well, a vase most would probably pass up.


 Our initial thought was to give her a pop of bright color and just spray paint her red, but as you can see below she just couldn’t pull it off.  Maybe that color is best left to the jolly old guy.


Since we weren’t so happy with the red color we decided to lightly sanded her with a 320 grit sand paper and applied some Valspar brilliant metal paint that we picked up during our last trip to Restore.  Unfortunately the paint was a bit old and definitely passed its prime so did not go on like expected, and certainly did not do the trick for her.


Still not happy with the outcome we dug into our craft stash and decided on found some FolkArt metallic paint in copper.  This was then applied with a brush, as shown below.


Now this time we knew she was almost ready to make her debut but just needed “something else” – so, we went back into our ‘old school’ craft stash and decided on Rub ‘n Buff – more on that in a bit – and it went easy from here on in.  First, we rubbed some in, and then buffed gently using a lint free rag- old tee-shirts are perfect for this.  After letting her sit for awhile, another coat of Rub ‘n Buff was applied, and the buffing process repeated.

Do you remember Rub ‘n Buff?  I feel like this is one of those long forgotten products that nobody uses anymore – but it definitely works and is still being made!  It is easy to work with and apply – you just rub onto any surface with your finger or a soft cloth, and then buff to a beautiful luster.  It is available in 14 colors and, according to their website, is ideal for:

  • -restoring cherished antiques
  • -stenciling
  • -frame finishing
  • -antiquing
  • -home decor
  • -restoration
  • -crafts projects

Maybe a product worth revisiting again for one of your projects!?  After the Rub ‘n Buff process was complete we let her dry for 24 hours then we gave her a coat of a clear spray and once dry, she was gently buffed.  Now she was ready to hit the runway!


We went down a curvy path with Ms. Parrot but we do love how she looks now.  Have you ever started a project one way and then quickly realize things aren’t looking the way you envisioned them and you have to change directions?  That’s how this project definitely went, but being able to dig into our craft stash was a lot of fun (and we rediscovered Rub ‘n Buff) and really gave Ms. Parrot a new life.  She cannot wait to make her debut in the Upcycle Challenge home in a couple of weeks!

Love, Kate

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