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My Mom has been really hard at work while I’ve been busy juggling doctor’s appointments, a hubby traveling, and just the “normal” Mom stuff… you know, cooking, cleaning… oh, and getting ready for a birthday party at our place next weekend.  I’ve been helping out where I can of course but I feel like she’s doing the brunt of the heavy duty work – go Mom, you rock!

We have less than 5 weeks until the Restore Montco Habitat for Humanity upcycle challenge home reveal and it’s really coming together, but I realized I haven’t shared any photos of the clean slate room we’re working with.

Through a random drawing we were selected to decorate the first bedroom of the twin home, which is the master suite and includes two windows that face the street.  The size of the room is about 11′ x 10′ and is the largest room in the home.


This is the view of the room when you walk in and turn back towards the entry door:

Inside the Room

These are the double set of closet doors when you enter the room and to the right:

Closet Doors Closed

Inside the closet there is a metal shelf (which we are not allowed to remove):

Inside Closet

This is the far corner wall:

Far Corner

As you can see it is a blank slate we are working with.  We are allowed to remove the closet doors and change out the lighting fixture, as well as paint and hang photos.

We are also excited that we are using 100% vintage finds in our room… outside of some paint and stain we’ve kept a strict budget and really have been putting our thinking caps on to think outside the box.

Having so much fun we both don’t want it to end… so where will it lead, we’re not sure but happy you’re along for the ride! 

Love, Kate

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    This is so exciting, I can’t wait to see how the room comes together. From the preview photos it looks like it’s going to be amazing!

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