“The Greatest Show on Earth” Cup Redo

Honestly, how many people would look twice at picking up this souvenir cup if they saw it in a thrift store?  Cheap plastic, bright and tacky colors… unless you were a horse lover maybe?  If you look beyond this you see some amazing details of the horses mane, tassels, eyelashes, and harness.

We recently picked up this cup from “The Greatest Show on Earth” for $2.00 at one of our local thrift stores (I looked it up on ebay and he’s going for $12-$15 there,) and envisioned him in our Upcycle Challenge room after a little DIYing.

The supplies you’ll need for this easy update are primer, paint, and a bed riser (we picked up a set of them at our thrift store a while back thinking we may need for the Upcycle Challenge room but turned out we didn’t.  They make great spray paint stands and in this project a cup stand, as you’ll see below.)

We first primed then spray painted black.  Spray paint worked best for filling in all of the details of the horse.  (Sorry, I don’t have any WIP photos of this one as it was a simple & quick redo.)


I do have a photo of the bed riser in case you weren’t familiar with these:


And here he is completed!


We originally didn’t have any intention to make him on a platform but while working on him and using the bed riser as a spray painting stand, we stepped back to study him and he looked so great on the stand that we decided it should stay!  So we also spray painted the riser (which was originally black as well but wanted it to assure it matched the horse,) and  we love the statement he is now making in our room!

He reminds me of a huge metal chess piece now, don’t you think?  Who would’ve thought he was a cheap show souvenir when we started?!  Happy DIYing!

Love, Kate

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