Teal Pumpkin Halloween Non-Food Treat Idea: Teal Beads for DIY Food Allergy Awareness Necklace

Last Halloween we made some fun teal pumpkin jewelry and this year I wanted to take that a step further by making some teal “pumpkin” non-treat favor ideas in the form of a project that little ones and adults can do for themselves.  (Teal is the color of food allergy awareness.)

These little non-food treats are made using teal pony beads and a few other items, and are easy to make and inexpensive and can be used to hand out to older aged trick-or-treaters (pony beads are typically recommended for ages 5 and up,) or at your trunk or treat event.


To learn more about teal pumpkins visit the resources available on Kids With Food Allergies and Food Allergy Research and Education.

These teal “pumpkins” can be made for under $5 (depending on if you have the paint at home, but this project uses less than $1 of paint.) They are great for giving out this Halloween as non-favor treats or to share with other adults to wear to food allergy walks, during Halloween, and around town to spread awareness.  


The supplies you’ll need to make these are:
– Spray paint (shown is Rust-Oleum Seaside)
– Teal Glitter – had to pick up a multi-pack to get the color I was going for (from Michael’s)
– Pink Awareness Ribbons – since they don’t have teal ones in the store (yet!) (from Michael’s)
– String for necklace (I used knitting cord) (From Michael’s)
– Green Pipe Cleaners (Dollar Store or Michael’s)
– Teal Pony Beads – (from Michael’s)
– Clear plastic treat bags (from Michael’s)

Below is a quick step-by-step graphic of how I made them, really so simple to make!  (I was also working on some teal pumpkin charms while making these, so you’ll see those in the photo as well.)


Here is the finished bead “pumpkin” alongside what the finished necklace will look like once strung.  This is a fun DIY project that kids can do with their parents together.  

Making the necklace involves stringing on half of the beads, adding the teal ribbon (as a charm,) stringing the remaining half of the necklace and tying.  By using more beads the necklace is long and there is no need for a clasp. Making the necklace is so simple to do.


If you give these out to friends and family you could also include a little note about how the color teal is about food allergy awareness and what teal pumpkins represent at Halloween. Check out the teal pumpkin resources available on Kids With Food Allergies and Food Allergy Research and Education.


Be sure to put out a teal pumpkin at your home this year and have non-food treats available.  Check out my recent post here for some non-food treat ideas. 


And I had to share this cute photo, here is my daughter modeling the necklace as well as the teal bead “pumpkin” necklace treat idea.


Thank you for spreading food allergy awareness!  If you have any questions on this project be sure to contact me via the contact link on my page or leave a comment below this post.

Happy Halloween!


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