Target Helping Families with Food Allergies & Non-Food Allergies This Halloween Season

If you are shopping at Target and looking to purchase candy for Halloween you’ll want to check out their “Sweet & Simple Allergen Guide” which is set up near the Halloween items and Halloween candy aisles.

Target has made available a list of 2016 Halloween candy items, where those listed with a “no” means the allergen is not present in the product.   Target states this has been confirmed by the manufacturers of the candy, and also listed in their ingredient statement.

If you have food allergies I do encourage that you make sure you check the actual product labels for all ingredient information, as ingredients can change.  This list also does not take into account which items are made on shared lines or shared facilities, so I encourage you to double check with the manufacturer based on your comfort level.  


Here is a closer look at the guide.  The guide is set up as a tear away so you can take with you when you are shopping.  The guide is also available on the Target website.  Target does state that the item assortment may vary by store.


Here’s to a safe and Happy Halloween!


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