Taking my Aunt’s Advice… With a Push from my Hubby

Even though I was a Mom prior to last Mother’s Day, it was pretty much a blur since my daughter was just over  a month old and I was utterly exhausted.  So this past Mother’s Day was much more special and meaningful to me – mostly because I was actually awake and not functioning like a walking sleep-deprived zombie for it.  I was even able to make some cool Mother’s Day gifts for all the Moms in my life this year which was a fun project to do with my daughter.

While I’m not one to celebrate the holiday to any great degree, it was nice to receive some messages from my friends and family around Mother’s Day.  One particular message stayed with me from my Aunt, it said:


I remember reading this over and over in her email to me and thought to myself, “This will never happen to me,” “Why would I not take care of myself, I have a child now who needs me.”   …Months later though, it happened.   I have been so focused on her that I forgot about taking care of me.

I’m just not “feeling right”

About a month ago when I just wasn’t “feeling right” I knew that I was neglecting me and things were going to need to change soon.  My husband took notice and suggested I find a new physician that I like because I haven’t been too happy with my old physician so I was purposely putting off making an appointment.  I asked some trusted friends and colleagues and did a bit of research and found one that came highly recommended.

My excuse (we all have one, don’t we?)

The doctor appointments for my daughter kept (and keep) piling up and I have been feeling overwhelmed that I already spend half of my days and weeks in doctors offices so the last place I want to be is in another doctors office.  And if there is something I need to address do I really have the time or energy to do that too?

I also feel guilty taking time for me, and asking my husband (or my Mother who is my trusted babysitter) to watch my daughter while I’m at an appointment or having a test done.  I will sit there on edge worrying about my daughter, even though I know she is in trusted hands, and watching the minutes tick on the clock until I can get home to see her.

And (honestly,) I always envisioned this “me” time would be spent getting manicures, catching up with friends over drinks, or spending some time alone crafting or sewing – not sitting in a doctors waiting room.

Things got worse

talked about my struggles with food recently and getting back to a healthy weight and once I increased the food in my diet, I started feeling better, gaining weight, and noticed increased energy, but a recent (knee) injury and (some chronic) flare-ups have got me feeling worse these recent days.

I knew I wasn’t going to start feeling better on my own and finally am seeking some help.  I saw a specialist to help with the (knee) pain and am seeing a new primary care physician in about 10 days to get a full physical and discuss my health.  

My Aunt was right

As a Mother of three (and a nurse,) I am glad that my Aunt shared her words of wisdom with me.  

As Moms we tend to put ourselves second to our children, but if we aren’t healthy or something happens to us who will take care of them?  I know I want to feel good, have energy and be able to fully be with my daughter.

Taking care of you is important for you and your family.  Don’t feel guilty about it.  If you’ve been putting off seeing a doctor, make that appointment.  Schedule time on your calendar and make it a priority.  Your family will thank you.

Love, Kate


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