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Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur Series // Mary Trotter of Chasing the Sky Designs

Welcome to another interview of the “Women-Owned Small Business Entrepreneur” series on Busy Bee Kate.  This week is also small business week so I will be featuring a new women-owned business daily! Today we are featuring Mary Trotter, artist at Chasing the Sky Designs.Mary started her business last year and is so talented!  She creates […]


DIY Embroidery Hoop Artwork

Embroidery hoops and frames are tools that are used to keep fabric taut while working embroidery or other forms of needlework but lately I’ve seen many creative ways to use them if you’re not an embroider, which I’m not. The hoops make great base for DIY and home decor projects, and we jumped right onto the bandwagon with […]


Upcycling Old Artwork with Homemade Gesso

We didn’t come across any artwork at the thrift store that would go well in our Upcycle Challenge room that was ready to go, so we decided to update two sets of artwork using homemade gesso and paint, and we love the way both projects turned out.  Today we’ll feature our updated baby prints.  Here’s […]