Spreading Holiday Cheer for Two Local Food Allergy Families This Holiday Season

FAFMBSpreadingHolidayCheer3During this past year I connected with another local food allergy Mom and we created a local support group, Food Allergy Families of Montgomery and Bucks, and for this holiday season we decided to organize a food and toy drive for local food allergy families.

We asked members of our group to help us identify any local families that were in need and we were gracious to be connected to two families who combined have six children, of which four of them have food allergies.

Our support group came together to collect and purchase food, toys, and grocery store gift cards for the families.  I also decided to contact companies that make allergy-friendly products to see if they would be willing to donate some items for the families and I am honored to share these wonderful companies with you.

Thank you to Schar, Lucy’s Cookies, WowButter, Surf Sweets, Enjoy Life Foods, Divvies, and Pascha Chocolate who helped to brighten the holidays for these two families.


Schar donated a large assortment of their gluten-free items.  They sent two packages, each containing: 1 Penne, 1 Spaghetti, 2 Ciabatta, 2 Classic White Rolls, 2 Hot Dog Rolls, 1 CR Loaf, 1 Pancake Waffle Mix, 2 Marble Cake, and 2 Honeygrams

Lucy’s Cookies sent along a wonderful assortment of their tasty cookies which are free from dairy, egg, and nuts.

WowButter donated 12 jars of their soy butter, a great peanut butter alternative!

Surf Sweets donated bags of their holiday mix candies, which are made with organic fruit juice and Sweeteners and free of corn syrup.

Enjoy Life Foods  sent two wonderful tote bags full of their foods including their chocolate chip cookies, plentils, crunchy flax cereal, seed and fruit mix, and snack bags.

Divvies donated a large selection of their nut, egg, and dairy free cookies including sugar, molasses, and oatmeal raisin.  

Pascha Chocolate sent along a box of their delicious organic chocolate which is free from gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, and wheat.

What an amazing mix of items to give to these families!  We presented the items to the two families the week before Christmas and they had no idea that they would be getting such a great assortment of foods.  

One of the families said  “We were so overwhelmed by the outpouring of food and toys for our family. We have not had a chance to try many allergy friendly foods.  My youngest was able to try her first cookie, with the Divvies sugar cookies. They are delicious, and, best of all, safe.  Melts my heart to watch her snack on safe treats.  My oldest loves the WowButter, she is so excited to bring it to school. The kindness of the food companies and the local families made this a very special holiday season.”

Below are photos of the items that were donated by these awesome companies.


And since Divvies & Pascha Chocolates arrived a few days after this photo, check out these amazing cookies & chocolates below:



We had a wonderful response and I feel honored to share these companies with you.  

A sincere thank you to ScharLucy’s CookiesWowButterSurf SweetsEnjoy Life FoodsDivvies, and Pascha Chocolate for donating these awesome products for Food Allergy Families Spreading Holiday Cheer making the holidays brighter for some of our local food allergy families.


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