So… What Does the “Top 8” Mean?

I refer to the “top 8” at least once or twice a week… to friends, relatives, to the public, and sometimes I forget what life was like before I learned about food allergies, so I wanted to share some information on this in preparation for a challenge that I’m hosting on August 8 to eliminate the top 8 from your diet. 



People can be allergic to any food but the following eight foods account for 90% of all food allergies: milk, eggs, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish.  When I thought about food allergies the first ones that come to mind were peanuts, fish, and wheat – the others were more of a surprise to me – and the fact that just 8 foods make up 90% of food allergies was really surprising to me.



(graphic from

With the hopes of spreading awareness and educating the public about food allergies I will be challenging you to see if you could you eliminate these foods from your diet for a day?  If not for a day could you do it for one meal?

Stay tuned for more details of the Top 8 Free Challenge happening on 8/8!

Love, Kate

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    Every food item in our house probably has at least one of these ingredients in it…crazy that there are people that are allergic to them. Hope that Penny grows out of some of her food allergies, to make it easier on mama and daddy, and herself. xoxo

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