Simple Vase Update for Under $1.00

medium-cylinder-vaseIf you are a frequent thrifter like me, chances are you’ve seen these standard cylinder glass vases for sale there or at your local dollar store, for, well, you guessed it a dollar!

I see them frequently and sometimes when I’m not feeling so creative I pass them up because they look pretty boring and plain to me, but I really do love the shape of these vases, and picked a couple up a few weeks ago.

Feeling a bit more creative this week I decided to try an easy project with them for my living room end tables using some extra scrapbooking paper I had on hand. The supplies you’ll need for this project are:

– glass vases
– scrapbooking paper
– ruler
– clear tape
– flowers

I was having a hard time deciding which scrapbooking paper to choose and finally decided on this Curled Birch Bark paper from Sugar Tree Papers.  This reminds me of the outdoors and camping and I knew it would look perfect on my end tables in my living room.

Here’s a close-up of the paper:


Now onto the directions:

1. Measure the height of the cylinder and cut your paper to that height
2. Then cut your scrapbooking paper in half (assure you maintain your new height measurement) so you have a piece for each vase
3. Take your paper and wrap it tightly around the outside of your vases
4. Using your clear tape, tape the paper neatly down
5. Add flowers of your choice.

Although I am a big outdoor plant lover, I’m not a big fan of fresh cut colors so I chose fake flowers and added in some of the outdoors by using twigs to go along with the birch tree paper. I really love how cute these turned out and the impact in our living room, who can tell that they were made from thrifted glass vases and a .69 cent piece of scrapbooking paper?!


My favorite parts about this project are:

✔ Simple, easy, and takes less than 10 minutes
✔ You get a big bang for a small buck
✔ They can easily be changed out seasonly or for parties you are having

So next time you see plain boring glass vases make sure you don’t pass them up, and if you are unable to find these glass vases at your local thrift store, they can also be picked up at most dollar or craft stores.  Some other ideas to do with them are to fill them with colorful items like marbles and rocks, use washi, duct tape, or paint and do additional decorating to them.

Happy Weekend and Happy DIYing!

Love, Kate

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