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 So I don’t post much about my business, Vintage Vinyl Journals, on my blog but I wanted to share some fun and exciting news that my journals are gonna be included in a new book titled Art Without Waste !

Vintage Vinyl Journals  















What a perfect fit, the book features 500 up cycled and Earth-friendly designs from folks like me and artists around the world.  How cool to see some of the previews where people find alternative uses for discarded items, such as bottle caps, gas cans, and skateboards.  Some designs featured in this book also explore new uses for sustainable resources such as wood, straw, and paper.

“This is a gorgeous and inspiring collection of works from artists whose approach often incorporates eco-friendly principles such as upcycling, with sustainability as a central goal. Find inspiration from an array of non-traditional artists and designers. Some have invented new techniques, while others have harnessed a creative passion into manipulated materials, resulting in dynamic forms that encourage audiences to perceive discarded items in an entirely new light. So don’t just throw away that bottle or plastic cap- recycle it into your own exciting art projects.”

Below are some photos of Vintage Vinyl Journals, I’m anxious to see which photo they chose to use in the book!  I’m pre-ordering my copy now!   Thanks for letting me share the news with you!

rockpaperink1 rockpaperink3 rockpaperink4rockpaperink2 



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