Near or Far #ThePowerofFriendship Is Strong

This post is sponsored by Friendship Dairies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friends come in many shapes and in many forms.  They may come and go, they may stay.  Friends can get us through the good and the bad, they can be there as a shoulder to cry on or be your greatest supporter when you most need it.  Friends can open your eyes and encourage you to try something new.  They can be by your side for your greatest adventure and your biggest failure, and still love you all the same.  This is #ThePowerofFriendship.

Just over 2 years ago my husband and I made the decision to move our family of three from Pennsylvania, where I lived my entire life, to California, over 3,000 miles away.  Having known no one in the state of California I hoped it would be a chance to make new friends while hopefully keeping in touch with my friends in Pennsylvania.  

I hoped it didn’t mean drifting apart from lifelong friends.  I hoped it didn’t mean not staying in touch. I hoped it didn’t mean my friends would forget me and all the memories that we made together.  All these hopes never amounted to much, and near or far the power of friendship remains strong.  

My dearest friend Anita is also my oldest friend, having been friends for over 35 years.  Through thick and thin, through ages and stages when we were heading in different directions, through summers at the Jersey shore spent with her family and late nights playing Marco Polo in my family’s pool, through her first child and my two, near or far, we have been by each others’ side.  

Anita and I grew up in a quiet neighborhood in Philadelphia.  A neighborhood where everyone knew each other, where you’d walk down the block and knock on a friends house to play.  A neighborhood where many friendships flourished and the invitation to have dinner at your friends house was always extended.  There isn’t a thing I would change about that neighborhood back then.

Growing up with just a house in between us meant Anita and I got to see each other a lot and spend a lot of time together.  As children we danced to our favorite music in our basements, played wiffle ball in the street, tossed snowballs at each other until one of us went in crying (usually me,) and made many memories together.

Anita was also my first business partner.  Being a few years older then I, I remember her encouraging me like an older sibling would.  As we learned to sew we turned this hobby into creating and making our own line of hair scrunchies that we would sell at local craft shows and markets.  (After all it was the late 80s/early 90s!)  I can fondly remember many summers spent in her parents hot attic sewing and creating with her.  We’d grab some lemonade and make that trek up those narrow and winding stairs to our little retreat.  Cutting fabric, measuring elastic, stitching up seams and sharing many laughs with each other.  I can close my eyes and I’m taken back instantly to that spot.

Fast forward many years and many miles away and she is still there to encourage me, share laughs with me, and love me for who I was, am, and for what I will become.  While the roar of sewing machines have been replaced by the giggling, crying, and banter of our children, our friendship remains real, strong, and genuine.  

#ThePowerofFriendship can make you feel special, fulfilled, happy, and grateful, even if that friend is 3,000 miles away.

Check out the below video from Friendship Dairies and see how these friends are also blessed with #ThePowerofFriendship. 

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This post is sponsored by Friendship Dairies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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