Mothers Day DIY Planter Gifts

Each year I struggle trying to decide what to buy for the many Moms in my life.  Usually I just settle on flowers and a card.  The Moms in my family don’t expect much and always have been appreciative of even the smallest gifts and, like many other holidays we celebrate, it is more about spending time with one another.

This year I wanted to give them something a from my heart and a bit more lasting, and knew what that would be as soon as I saw the below kraft containers at Target.  I picked up 5 of them as well as some washi tape, twine, and scrapbooking paper from their One Spot section.  I decided I wanted to turn these into window herb planters so I also picked up soil and plants from Lowe’s.

I had the additional supplies – stamps, scissors, hole punch, drinking straws, and small clothes pins – already on-hand.


These planters are really easy to make, after gathering all your supplies, follow these easy steps:

Step 1:  Decorate the planters with your washi tape!  I decided to decorate each planter differently and will let my Moms chose which one they would like.


Here are the 5 designs I did for my planters:


Step 2:  Plant your herbs into the planters!  (This can also be done after making your flags, but I had a nice warm day and a babysitter for a couple of minutes to do this step second.)


Step 3:  Cut out the small flags. Punch holes in the corners of each flag.  I used a regular size hole punch for his project because the twine couldn’t fit through the smaller holes I had and I refused to buy another hole punch!  I think they turned out just fine.


Step 4:  Stamp your letters to make your saying.  My signs say “Happy Mothers Day” but other fun sayings for Moms Day might be: “I Love You,” or “Worlds Best Mom.”

Step 5:  Weave your flags through the twine to make your saying.  Cut the twine leaving enough excess so they will fit across the length of your planters.


Step 6:  Take ordinary drinking straws and cover them with your washi tape.  You’ll need 2 straws per planter.


Step 7:  Insert the drinking straws into the planters and tie the flags on twine onto each side.


Step 8:  Cut out labels for the plants and stamp them appropriately.  Using your small clothes pins pin the labels on the front of the planters.


Here’s the completed planters:

BusyBeeKate-MothersDayPlanters BusyBeeKate-MothersDayPlanters2

After you are all done, don’t forget to water the plants each day depending on how much sunlight you are giving them.

I really am excited about my Mother’s Day gifts this year.  They were made from the heart and I know my Moms will enjoy cooking with their new herbs and  making the small flags were just so much fun.  Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Love, Kate

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    These are adorable!!!! Such a wonderful gift, I bet all the moms loved them!

    I hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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