Michaels, you rock… my hubby might not agree, and that’s okay!

My hubby took a day off from work on Friday to watch some of the March Madness basketball – his favorite time of the year he says – basketball on all day and night – that is until the allergies start setting in then it quickly turns into his least favorite time of the year.  He has been working very hard lately and hasn’t taken a day off from work in a while so I was really happy he scheduled a vacation day.  And he even offered to watch the baby for an hour or so to give me a little time to work alone on some of our Upcycle Challenge room projects.  An hour to myself on a Friday… bonus!!!  This was going to be a great start to our weekend!

With a plan set in place for our Friday he then says to me on Thursday evening, “hey, how about we go to Target in the morning, I have a few things I need, and then we’ll be home by noon-ish and I can watch the games.”   “Did I hear you right?  You want to go to Target WITH me?!?”

Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I eat, sleep, and breathe Target (along with Amazon, and Michaels, and any thrift store.…  I just love my favorites!)   I hadn’t shopped at Target in almost a month and also had a growing list of staples I needed to pick up at my next Target run.  And, truth be told, I was starting to go through a little Target withdrawal as this has a very long stretch for me.  So, in withdrawal and also in dire need of a Target run  for the staples – toothpaste, deodorant, trash bags, paper towels, and maybe a fun outdoor mat to welcome spring – I excitedly said “YES, let’s go to Target.”  And, hey, Target counts as a family outing too, right?!

Up and at ’em on Friday morning I start realizing that we’ll also be passing a couple of my other favorite stores, Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, Liberty Thrift, and Michaels.  I approach the subject gently with my hubby and ask him if he wouldn’t mind stopping at those stores too.  He says “You can only pick one of those.”  Now, that’s near impossible.  You know, “Jo-Ann’s is having a friends and family sale starting today, and Liberty  is having 25% off everything green today, and Michaels just emailed me with all these new paper crafting items they now have in-store.”  No, he didn’t know, and he didn’t care.  I had to choose one or this just might be grounds for divorce.  So off I tweeted:


Then I got a tweet back:


How cool?!  Michaels tweeted back to me… awesome!  They wanted me to come into their store, wow, they must really like me… or, well… that’s really good marketing.  All it took was 2 minutes for them to tweet back to me and I was convinced, I was going to Michaels!

Now if you think my trips to Target are long just wait until you get me into a Michaels store.  I want to go up and down every aisle even if I have no wedding to plan, have no thoughts of baking a cake for a year, and will never make a candle in my lifetime … I just need to go up and down every aisle.  Please, if you see me, just let me be, I have projects and ideas spinning in my head the entire time.  “I could do this with this… oh, wow, that’s awesome… what?!  they now make this!  where have I been…”  I repeat, let me be, this is better (and sometimes cheaper) than therapy.

So after a solo (my hubby stayed in the car with a sleeping baby) “quick trip” into Michaels (in and out in order 40 minutes – might just be a record for me) – I left with some awesome supplies to enhance some of our vintage finds for our Upcycle Challenge room, as shown below.   (And I also got some supplies to make my own business cards… more on that later!)

Michaels Haul
wooden dowels, SMASH tape, mirrors, gold and silver sharpies, & clock parts!

Now, I won’t get too much into the rest of the day (yes, we went to Target afterwards and I took twice as long…) let’s just say our quick outing turned into us not getting home until 4:00pm, at which my hubby exclaimed, “there goes my day off.”

I feel bad.  I know he pictured his day sitting on the sofa from noon-midnight watching basketball, texting his friends about the upsets, and maybe ordering some takeout.  I don’t understand the need to watch 12 hours of basketball, and that doesn’t matter;  he doesn’t understand my need to go thrifting or to browse up and down every aisle in the craft store – that’s my therapy and 12 hours of basketball is his.

So, whether you’re strolling the aisles in the craft store, watching basketball, or a little bit of both – enjoy your weekend, and take time to unwind with your own form of therapy, whatever it may be.

Love, Kate

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