Loving The 2014 Minted Holiday Photo Card Collection!

Minted.com is providing me with Minted.com credit for this website review.  I am writing my honest opinion and review of the Minted.com website and the products that they sell. 

I was so excited to be contacted by Minted… I’ve seen their products online before and I love the unique concept of their online store.  Minted crowd-sources design and art from a global community of independent designers, then sells their best designs as fine products such as stationery, wall art, and décor for the home, holidays, and occasions.  You’ve got to see some of these amazing designs!

What’s just as exciting is their 2014 holiday collection is already available, and if you haven’t checked out Minted before, now is the time to see their amazing new card designs.  From no photo cards to three + photo cards; flat, folded or mini books; baby’s first christmas photo cards, new house, to cute pet photo cards, I love them all!


Each of their holiday photo cards are fully customizable with your favorite family photo or photos and personalized greeting.  Many of their cards allow for additional customization including colors, flat or folded, shapes, different paper weights, envelope liners, and more!  They also have free recipient addressing (not only will this save me time but I’ll score extra points with the post office as they will finally be able to read my “handwriting!”)  

I’m one to take many, many hours searching for the perfect holiday card.  I mean many, many hours, so having the collection already available more than 2 months before Christmas is perfect for me.  I’ve spent many hours searching through the new 2014 holiday collection and I’ve narrowed them down to my top 12 favorites:


So excited about this collection and that I have plenty of time to decide which one to choose for our family card this holiday season.  I never was one to do anything last minute so I love that I have some time to narrow my selection down.  I don’t work well pressed up against deadlines…  and I just might have a hard time asking for an extension on that December 25th deadline.  “Hey Santa, can you hold off another night?  I haven’t gotten my cards mailed yet.”  I don’t think that’s happening, not here, not at the North Pole, not anywhere.

Take a look at my favorites and leave a comment letting me know which card is your favorite from their 2014 holiday collection.  I’d love some help in deciding which card to choose for our family this holiday season too!

Here are my 12 favorites and the links for you to check them out for yourself on Minted.com:

1. bright + geometric


I’m a softy for bees and hexagons so this one stood out to me immediately and is one of my top favorites of the collection!  I am loving this fun geometric design and if you have a hard time deciding on one photo to use for your cards this one would be a great way to showcase multiple photos of your family. 


2. peace trees


Love the modern feel of this card.  The simple tree design and the lovely green color look perfect aside a black and white photo of your family.  


3. happiest


Everything seems to be glistening with gold these days and not only around the holidays.  The foil accents add a little sparkle to your card, and how fun is this font?!   And if you aren’t a gold fan but still want some glisten in your card choose it in a lovely blue color which is accented with silver foil.  Time to add a little sparkle into your holiday season.


4. insta-book


This card just speaks 2014 to me.  I’ve started using Instagram a lot more this year and am loving the design of the insta-book Minibook™ cards. Each Minibook™ card has 7 pages of fully customizable photos and text, do not require extra postage, and give you more room to share your memories and photos with friends and family!


5. old world holiday


The vintage feel of this card reminds me of holidays past.   What a lovely font and swirl design and you can also choose this one in red or turquoise.


6. Confetti toss 


The simple modern design of this card drew me right in.  I love the style and the accents are just perfect, and it comes in four amazing colors so you can choose which one coordinates with your family portrait. 


7. On the Ave


I love this card for the same reasons as the previous one, it’s just a tad more subtle and has the foil-look to it.   You can also choose this one in some great colors!


8. Gilded Type


This card is classic and perfect for glowing newlyweds.   I really love this font, it is elegant and timeless.  You can also easily change up the greeting to anything you’d like if you didn’t get hitched this year.


9. Banner Wings


The glistening foil triangles on this card are like a modern take on falling snow.  Shiny and simple – you’ll definitely make a statement with this card.


10. Sophisticate


Ombre is still hot and the designer nailed it with this design.  Love the bold to subtle.  I also added a scallop edge around this one which was simple to do and available to do easily on most other cards as well. 


11. painted stripes 


I tend to be drawn to more of the bold traditional holiday colors, but this one caught my eye.  The stripes are have a subtle watercolor feel and frame the photo nicely.


12. sophisticate snow


I love the bold statement this card makes.  I’d place my photo on the backside or do a folded version of this card.  Both options are super easy and customizable with many of the cards on Minted.

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know which card is your favorite from their 2014 holiday collection!.  I’d love some help in deciding which card to choose for our family this holiday season.  And don’t forget it’s never too soon to get a start on choosing your cards too!

Disclosure: Kate of Busy Bee Kate is receiving Minted.com credit for this website review.  I am writing my honest opinion and review of the Minted.com website and the products that they sell, all thoughts and opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way.  This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you have any questions about this post please email kate@busybeekate.com.

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    • Denise Mc
    • October 14, 2014

    Number 1 is very cute and unique. I haven’t seen this design in a Christmas card. With your name Busy Bee Kate it seems to fit you. Like you said “I’m a softy for bees and hexagons so this one stood out to me immediately and is one of my top favorites of the collection! ”
    The card I am most interested in is number 12. Its the color palate I usually look for in Christmas cards. I will definitely be checking them out when I am ready to order cards.

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