Logo Reveal for Food Allergy Group

I really love any excuse to work in Photoshop, so when another Mom and I decided to move forward with putting together a new local food allergy support group I jumped on the opportunity to put together the logo.

I usually have some wild ideas in my head, but my photoshop skills are pretty basic which usually limits me a bit (more like a lot,) and I know “real pros” probably use Illustrator for this type of work and while I have dabbled in it a bit, I just find it really scary, so with Photoshop I stay.  I am self-taught in both Photoshop and Illustrator and I google a lot of how-to’s along the way but I usually come out with an end result I am pleased with.

For this logo I put together 17, yes 17, different versions and while they couldn’t all make the cut I kind of wished I could have two different logos and interchange them, but we all know that’s just silly.  So, without further adieu….  I am so excited to share our final logo: FAFMB-Final_Logo Thank you to everyone who commented to help us select the logo, I am pleased with the final outcome and excited about the progress we are making. Love, Kate

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