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I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts (here and here,) that I’m currently working on establishing a local food allergy support group in my area.  I met another wonderful local Mom, Denise, last Monday that is helping me start the group and we’ve been making great headway.

As with many things like this, there seems to be a little more work involved then initially thought to be.  Things like meeting location, website, defining our mission, recruiting other families, lining up speakers, affiliating with national groups, and more; but we are making progress every day.  One of the first items was to decide on our name.  Our group is all about connecting and educating Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Siblings, Children, and really any family member who has interest in allergies, so we wanted to make sure that was clear in our name.  We are excited to announce the group will be called

Food Allergy Families of Montgomery and Bucks

Next on our list is to decide on a logo.  I put together 10 logos over the weekend (yay me!) and we’ve narrowed it down to four. This is where we need your help.  Before I point out my favorite (after the jump,) I want to know what you think?  Which logo design catches your eye?  Would you make any changes to any of them?


My favorite is design 4, but I really am thinking about combining some of the elements from design 3 into design 4 (and may just do that this weekend if necessary!)

Also, you know of anyone else living with food allergies on a daily basis and living in the Montgomery or Bucks County PA area please have them contact me, we’d love for them to join us!  We both cannot wait to get continue making progress on getting the group started and established and meet more local families.Love, Kate

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    I love the people in one but add a baby in the middle with the writing style of either 3 or 4. I’m so happy to hear that you are starting a group and have found another allergy mom to help you with.


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