Let Your Space Bloom with Spring Cleaning & Organizing Ideas from Amy Bloomer

Professional Organizer Amy Bloomer gives her 3 favorite organizing tips for the Spring using the acronym:  S.U.D. – can you guess what the S, U and D stand for?  Find out more below in this guest blog post by Amy.  Thank you to Amy for sharing her ideas with us – time to get clean and organized this Spring!

Let Your Space Bloom with Spring Cleaning & Organizing Ideas from Amy Bloomer

By: Amy Bloomer 

Just a few days ago, spring officially arrived and it’s the beginning of a new season.  This is the perfect time to refresh some areas of your life that may need some love.  When I think of spring ​​cleaning, it conjures up images of big buckets full of soapsuds. 

So let’s use the acronym:  S.U.D. to help remember my favorite ideas for this season….

S: Set up a mobile cleaning caddy for your cleaning products.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a plain ‘ole bucket will do.  This corrals all of your go-to cleaning products so that they stay together and may be easily transported to the area of focus for that day:

(photo courtesy of Amy Bloomer)

U: Use a trunk organizer!  When I think of the Spring, I think of taking the opportunity to get outside.  Please take the opportunity to clean out your car and then commit to putting anything (other than a human being or an animal) that enters your car, into your trunk organizer.  This helps creates an “inbox” for your car and prevents too much junk in your trunk.  A link to my pick is included here: https://amzn.to/2GeOhLl

(photo courtesy of Amy Bloomer)

D: Drawer organizers (preferably fabric) for accessories help organize smaller items such as sunglasses, sunscreen and bathing suits.  They make the most effective use of the space so get a lot of bang for your buck.  My favorite set of drawer organizers is here: https://amzn.to/2pFFQym

(photo courtesy of Amy Bloomer)

For more spring organizing tips, please click on this link to my video which recently aired on the Bmore Lifestyle Channel: https://youtu.be/CApd_kyShXw


Amy Bloomer Bio: Amy has a passion for showing people how to let their space bloom to make life easier and more efficient.  She has a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, worked on Wall Street for almost ten years and another 4+ years working for other global corporations. A few years ago, Amy joined Charm City Organizers LLC in Baltimore, MD as a Professional Residential Organizer. Six months after joining, she was contracted to also help run the business in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer. To date, she has logged over 1,000 hours of professional organizing and appeared on Baltimore’s Fox45 news giving organizational tips on various subjects.  Please follow her on Instagram @let.your.space.bloom for free organizing information and to learn more about her work.  Amy Bloomer Website: https://elink.io/9c74da3


Thank you Amy for providing us with great tips for getting more organized this Spring!  

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