Kids in the Kitchen – Yogurt Container Flower Pot

I love upcycling old items and turning them into something new, so for this weeks Kids in the Kitchen post I decided to take some yogurt containers I had been saving and turn them into flower pots!  This project was especially fun this week because along with my daughter I got my niece involved as well and she loved making one for her Mother’s birthday.  

The supplies you’ll need include:

– Yogurt containers (cleaned and rinsed)
– Duct tape / Washi tape
– Straws
– Cupcake liners
– Scissors
– Markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers – whatever you’d like to use to decorate the containers with!

I gathered up some of my endless supply of crafts below to let the kids decide what they wanted to use on their pots:


And I found some cupcake liners from Christmas that worked fine!


Start by having the kids decorate the outside of the yogurt containers with tape.  Here’s my niece getting started on her pot:


Next grab some green paper and help them make some grass.  You may need to help with this if they aren’t good with using scissors just yet!  Tape the green grass onto the inside of the pot.  I also added some filler tissue on the bottom to give it some lift.  You may want to use brown paper to give it the effect of dirt but I didn’t have any on-hand and the filler tissue worked just fine.



Looking good!


Next grab the paper cupcake liners and have them decorate them to look like a flower.  We used the varied sizes.  After decorating with markers punch a hole into the middle and thread a drinking straw through them.  

My daughter intensely working on putting together her flower:



Place the straw inside the filler tissue (you may need to tape it to get it to stand correctly,) and you’ve got a flower!



(Although it looks a bit like a drink and a straw,) my niece was so proud of her flower pot, she waited to give to her Mom for her birthday, and she loved it too!  There’s just something about these handmade gifts that melt the heart.



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    This is such a cute idea. Looks like your kids loved it!

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