Kids in the Kitchen – Paper Plate Turkey Craft

My daughter and I love to do crafts together and we started getting into the Thanksgiving spirit with these fun paper plate turkey crafts this week.  They are easy to make and a fun way to decorate for the holiday while making memories together.  Paper plates make such fun bases for projects (like these bees we made in the summer!)  

The supplies you’ll need for this project are:

– Glue
– Paper Plate
– Tissue paper squares
– Brown, orange, and red paper (1/4 sheet of each color)
– Scissors
– Brush 
– Googly Eyes
– Stamps & Ink (optional)


I love the vibrant colors of this tissue paper.  Other standard colored paper would work as well.


The first step is to cut the tissue paper into squares and also cut the paper plate in half.

Once this was completed my daughter was excited to get her paint brush covered in glue and onto the tissue paper squares.  You can apply the glue both on the tissue and paper plates.


Another shot of her hard at work on this fun craft!


Once you have the paper plate covered in glue take your tissue paper squares and place them both on the edge and bottom of plate.  Be sure to cover all of the plate so none of the white is exposed.  


Here’s the completed tissue-covered paper plate.  Now take your brown paper and make a circle for the body of the turkey.


Continue building the turkey by making his beak and feet.


And add the eyes and wattle.  My daughter and I worked side by side on these (hers being the top turkey, mine the bottom.)  I assisted her with the placing of the eyes and body, but she did most of the tissue work and I was so proud of her!   You could go any route with this one and colors… if you want to be more traditional just use brown for the feather body.  I personally love the vibrant colors we used!

(this photo was taken right after they were completed and you’ll see below once the glue dries they look awesome & less messy!)


I then took my stamp letters and added “gobble gobble” to them!  


Here are a couple more photos of our completed turkeys!


This is a fun project that holds the kids attention and they can make it their own by choosing their favorite colors and placing the papers where they like.  This would also make a great kids project for the kids to do on Thanksgiving day too!


Next week I’ll have another fun project that we did today using the leftover tissue paper and collected branches – stay tuned!



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It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

– picking fruit and using in recipes 
preparing healthy snacks
– teaching about colors, shapes, sizes and textures with food 
– making crafts out of recycled food containers 
– trying a new recipe together 
– pouring from measuring cups
– creating new family friendly recipes

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    Cuuute! I’m gonna do this with my kids. Looks fun.

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