Kids in the Kitchen – Paper Plate Bees

There are hundreds of paper plate crafts you can do (Pinterest is a great resource to find examples) and I have fond memories of making these when I was a child.  After my daughter and I finished up breakfast one morning my little gal was wearing bee pajamas so making a bee seemed like a perfect choice for her first paper plate craft.  And because we’re a family of beekeepers of course 🙂 For this week Kids in the Kitchen series I am sharing a fun paper plate bee craft you can make with your children.  

For this simple project you’ll need:

– 2 paper plates
– yellow and black markers (crayons or paint work as well)
– 2 goggly eyes
– black card stock or black pipe cleaners (I actually used a leftover paint swatch)
– scissors
– glue stick  


Turn one of the paper plates over and start making your bee!  

I first drew the black stripes for my daughter to color in and as you can see she had fun also coloring them yellow… as you can see she was really enjoying herself:


After you are done coloring the first plate to your likeness, color your second paper plate in black, cut in half and attach the wings using your glue stick:


Cut out a triangle piece of black paper, and attach a stinger to the bottom using your glue stick:


Now cut out the antennas, add the goggly eyes & draw a mouth:


Here is our final bee!


My daughter was so proud of this project.  You can see her smiling ear to ear as she heads off to show her Father what she (helped) make (p.s. don’t mind the crazy bed head hair!):


As we started making this project I suggested we make it for her Pop-Pop, and she kept saying “Pop-Pop” “Pop-Pop” so afterwards we walked it over for her to give to her Pop-Pop.  

He loved it just as much as I did and he is now the proud owner of her first paper plate craft project!



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