Kids in the Kitchen – Feeding Time at the Zoo

We are animal lovers in our home and we love visiting our local zoo frequently, where we have a membership to.  For this weeks Kids in the Kitchen I borrowed a book from the library called Feeding Time at the Zoo (newer version here) which talks about the food all kinds of zoo animals eat.   

The book is filled with photos of zoo animals eating so I decided to bring the story a bit more to life and more engaging for my daughter.  


We grabbed her play food and sat down to read the book together.  While reading I asked her to find the foods that the animals enjoyed and pretend to feed them in the book.

Here she is searching for some of the animals’ food.


She thought feeding the animals this was a little silly at first I think, but then really enjoyed it.


 Here is an apple and oranges for the spider monkey!


And a cucumber for the tortoise!


As I was telling her about the animals I’d ask her to find the foods the animals ate… 


We learned a lot together about the animals and their eating habits.  Did you know that polar bears enjoy fish—and strawberries?  And that pigs love salad? 


We do a lot of reading together and bringing the story to life with a little more interaction was both fun and educational for my daughter.  This can be done with many stories and books and is a great way to keep your little one engaged and makes for a unique learning opportunity!


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