Kids in the Kitchen – Easy DIY Shiny Crowns and Bracelets

I love making crafts out of items that would otherwise be trashed.  My husband usually nags me about saving too many things – cereal boxes, yogurt containers, glass jars, etc, etc… and sometimes if I don’t use them quickly enough he snags them for the recycling bin.

After finishing up some yogurt we used in our birthday cake this week I was cleaning it out and thinking about how else I could use the cup and thought about making it into a bracelet for my daughter.  At first I was thinking of using duct or washi tape and glitter, but then aluminum foil was staring at me and I had an idea.  The aluminum foil would give them a fine shiny look to them.

I grabbed some of my rhinestone scrapbooking stickers and we started DIYing these bracelets together that afternoon.

I also made a matching crown out of the aluminum foil which she hasn’t taken off for days 🙂  My daughter loved both the shiny bracelets and crown and I would definitely recommend this project for toddlers and older kids.  Before I jump to supplies and steps here is how they look completed:



-Plastic or cardboard food containers – e.g. juice or yogurt work well, I used a yogurt container (cleaned and dried)
– Aluminum foil
– Rhinestones, glitter, buttons, sequins
– Scissors
– Clear Tape 


Steps for making a bracelet:

1: From plastic or cardboard food containers, cut rings that will fit around your (your childs) wrist.

2: Decorate the rings with aluminum foil, rhinestones, glitter, buttons, sequins.  We used rhinestone that were self-stick and they worked great.



Steps for making a crown (not shown:)
1: Cut aluminum foil to fit your childs head and fold to the width that you would like the crown.  Using tape secure the edges together to the correct size.
2:  Cut triangles out of the top of the crown to make the points.  
3: Decorate the crown with rhinestones, glitter, buttons, sequins.  We used rhinestone that were self-stick and they worked great.

This was such a fun (and inexpensive) project to do with my daughter.  She proudly wore her crown and bracelets around all day and showed them off to those that have come visit.  My nieces who stopped by also loved them and I promised the next time they came to visit they could make their own.  You could also make some pins or a tiara using the same concept.  I am thinking that’ll be another fun project to do soon too!




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It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

– picking fruit and using in recipes 
preparing healthy snacks
– teaching about colors, shapes, sizes and textures with food 
– making crafts out of recycled food containers 
– trying a new recipe together 
– pouring from measuring cups
– creating new family friendly recipes

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  1. Reply

    pinning! my children have just been cast in our homeschool Christmas play, and on will be a wise man — I am going to use your idea to create Kingly crown and jewels for the costume, thank you!

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    I think I’m going to do this with my girls! they would love this!

  3. Reply

    Such a simple and cute idea for the little ones. I miss having a little child. (Sigh) anyway I do have two young nieces that this I will be doing with. They love crafting with Auntie Heidi. Thanks

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