Kids in the Kitchen – {Allergy-Friendly} Chocolates & Almond Butter Cups

I’ve been doing my Thanksgiving holiday prep for what feels like weeks now.  Due to our food allergies we are prepping our entire Thanksgiving meal and bringing to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thankfully we don’t have to travel far (just 35 steps, yes, I’ve counted,) and we’re there.  

This week I focused on desserts, making mini apple pies, sea salted chocolate chip cookies, and these tasty (& simple) chocolates and almond butter cups.

I apologize for the darkness of some of these photos… my daughter and I made these on a whim one morning and I wasn’t quite fully awake… but you’ll get the picture of how they were done.

For the molds, grab some seasonal chocolate molds. We went with leaves and turkeys.BusyBeeKate-KidsintheKitchen-AllergyFriendlyChocolates&AlmondButterCupsMolds

These are so simple, there is just one ingredient – chocolate – I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips which are our go-to allergy-friendly chocolates.  Melt them on the stove (sorry no photo!) and then pour into the molds.  You’ll see the chocolate won’t run down into the turkey feathers all too well, but there’s an easy way to fix that… just pick up the molds & pat them down gently and the chocolate will go into place.


Here they are after being patted down.  The next step is to put them into the freezer to cool down and then pop out of the molds.  Very easy!


This little turkeys are just so cute, aren’t they!?!  And, of course, delicious!


We repeated the same steps for the leaves as well.

Then we moved onto the almond butter chocolate cups.  Once again, easy.  This time you’re using two ingredients, the Enjoy Life chocolate chips and almond butter – we love Barney Butter and you can also use your safe seed or nut butter to make these.


They make molds and liners shaped just like peanut butter cups.  Set them up as shown and you’re ready to melt your chocolate.


Here is the chocolate ready to be poured.  For these you’re going to pour a bottom chocolate layer, let it dry, and then add your almond butter then another chocolate layer.  So be sure to save some chocolate for the top and side layers, as I was just running out and some of our cups aren’t has chocolately as others!


Bottom layer complete!


After they dried my daughter was really excited to help with this part (as she cannot do much by way of the melting of the chocolate.)  I love when I capture looks like this on her face!


She understood I wanted to add the almond butter into the cups, but wasn’t quite sure how that was going to be done!


Since I was working with my toddler I wasn’t super exact on this process which doesn’t bother me – they still taste just as delicious!


I then poured another layer of melted chocolate on top and voila… check them out below! 


And I couldn’t resist biting into one of these right away… they taste much better than a peanut butter cup to me!


I love how great this display looks too!  Perfect for Fall and the upcoming Thanksgiving season.


My daughter and I had so much fun making our Thanksgiving treats!  I stored them in the refrigerator until Thanksgiving next week… and I know once I bring them out and start enjoying them I’ll remember the fun memories we made together making these. 


Come join me and my co-hosts, Melinda of LookWhatMomFound…andDadtoo!Paula at Frosted FingersSara at Sensibly Sara, and Jeannette from EcoIncognito each week linking up a post, new or old, that feature the theme Kids in the Kitchen.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are doing it together, enjoying it and learning something along the way.

– picking fruit and using in recipes 
preparing healthy snacks
– teaching about colors, shapes, sizes and textures with food 
– making crafts out of recycled food containers 
– trying a new recipe together 
– pouring from measuring cups
– creating new family friendly recipes

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    • Diana
    • November 21, 2014

    These look so good, my sister loves peanut butter cups, will have to share with her! I love the look on Penny’s face too, miss her!! xoxo

  1. Reply

    Oh my. And they look really yummy too. I want one!

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