Green Living, What Defines Crunchy, Kombucha and Oils by Jenna Guthrie

Green Living, What Defines Crunchy, Kombucha and Oils by Jenna Guthrie

So you started buying a few organic produce items and drinking kombucha and now you’re hooked. You want to be a 21st century hippie right? Me too.

Green products: This is really where my journey began, I became awoke to the fact that labels are very important. Products on the shelves are not highly regulated and it’s my job (and yours) to be a conscious consumer. What we bring into our homes should be safe enough to eat. I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough when I read that our skin is our largest organ in our body and it is completely unfiltered. It absorbs everything it comes in contact with, even if we don’t want it to. And everything it comes in contact with enters our blood stream and then our cells. So, those labels are very important!

In my household we choose to be 100% chemical and toxin free. It is a choice; one that took us a long time to fully transition to. EWG and the Think Dirty app are two great places to start when researching products and ingredients.

After we searched for household products and personal care products we were comfortable with, some (or many) weren’t up to par with my new standards, so I started out making much of it on my own. The deodorant, toothpaste, household cleaners, dry shampoo, laundry soap, pest deterrent and lotion. None of them are very difficult to make, but everything takes time. I’m thankful now to have a company that holds the same values and morals for these products that I do so I no longer have to make them, because a toddler and an infant later I don’t really have the time to but my children are even more of a reason to stay 100% chemical and toxin free.

Kombucha: This drink has quickly been touted as the hippie juice of this age but it has been around for centuries. Your grandma very well may have brewed some in the kitchen in an old crock covered with a worn out and retired dish cloth. The scoby (systematic culture of bacterial yeast) or the mother as it is referred to just might freak you out if you don’t do well with slime and odd textures. But I can assure that it will do wonders for your immune system and digestive system by providing your body with multiple strains of probiotics. It is very easy to brew at home.

(photo courtesy of Jenna Guthrie)

Here’s a loose recipe to follow. {This is the recipe I’ve used for several years. And I’ve just recently made the addition of flavoring with essential oils to add in the amazing health benefits of the plant without the added sugar of juices and fresh fruits.}

You will need a scoby – ask your friends, you might be surprised who you know already who brews; ask on a local Facebook natural living or moms group. Every time you brew a baby scoby grows on top of momma scoby so you can peel baby off and brew in a second vessel or share the baby with a friend who wants to brew. Or if you’re brave you can make a facial mask out of it. I can’t vouch for that just yet!

Loose leaf tea or tea bags, it must be unflavored. We prefer half green tea and half black tea. 8 tea bags per gallon of water.

Sugar – we prefer just plain cane sugar. White sugar is preferred in the kombucha making world but that’s near impossible to find unprocessed/unbleached. And turbinado sugar will not work, it doesn’t dissolve properly which results in an under fed momma scoby and a very unhappy batch of molded kombucha. 1 cup sugar per gallon of water.

Boil 3.5Q of water pour in the sugar, turn heat off, stir to dissolve. Add tea and let it sit for hours until the tea is cool to touch. Adding your scoby to warm/hot tea will kill it. Pour tea mixture into a glass or croc and cover with a thin dishcloth, cheese cloth or paper towel and secure with a rubber band. Store it in a dark and warm closet for 7-10 days. Now you’ll be ready to get it out and strain it so you don’t drink any scoby pieces (not harmful but just not pleasant so a metal mesh strainer will keep the floaters out of your finished product). Now you can drink it at this stage or you can do what’s called a second ferment and create carbonation and flavor it. You’ll just add juice or oils and this time a gasket seal or mason jar seal is preferable to create more carbonation. (You can also use fresh fruit, but i don’t recommend it as we have a strawberry stained, once white ceiling to prove how much excessive carbonation fresh fruit can create) We prefer 1-2 tbs juice per 16 oz of kombucha or 1 drop of essential oil per gallon of kombucha. Note not all essential oils are safe for consumption, we use Young Livings vitality line of essential oils to flavor our kombucha which is fda approved labeling for internal use. If you choose to complete a second ferment it will be ready in 2-3 days.

Now sit back, relax, enjoy your kombucha and read up on some labels with all the new energy your hippie juice will be sure to fill you with.

Being crunchy is a journey. We are all on this journey of health and wellness together. I’d love to have you join me in making kombucha and bettering our guts. Your journey is your own and it’s beautiful. Own it. Be it. Keep growing and transitioning your choices to be in line with your ultimate goal. Whatever that goal may be. Be open to change. Your purpose is fueled by your passion.

Much love,


Jenna is a Silver Leader with Young Living Essential Oils, a proud mommy, lover of Jesus and all things crunchy. Her journey started about 8 years ago in Ohio and now continues in Charleston, SC. She would love to connect and share some oily knowledge and wisdom with you. Check out her free classes and events at and follow her on Facebook at



Thank you Jenna for teaching us more about green living, making kombucha and expanding our knowledge of oils!  

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