{Girly Girl Pumpkins} Pumpkin Decorating Has Come So Far

BusyBeeKate-GirlyGirlPumpkinsLogoSo long jack-o-lanterns, so long smiling pumpkin faces, so long traditional pumpkin carving because pumpkin decorating has been taken to a new level these days.  

We have washi-taped pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, chevron pumpkins, tie-dyed pumpkins, spray painted pumpkins, fabric pumpkins, fish tank pumpkins – I’m not sure about the last one but it wouldn’t surprise me – I feel like pumpkins have become almost like the new mason jars of the Fall, only they won’t stick around for too long because we all know that these pumpkins usually won’t make it to Thanksgiving Day 🙁

These new trends are fun and since they don’t involve any cutting I jumped on the hay (I mean band) wagon and decided to join in all of the pumpkin decorating ‘madness’ and switch up from traditional pumpkin decorating this year.

I have named this post and these pumpkins so many times…. princess pumpkins, bleeding heart pumpkins, girly girl pumpkins…. whatever you want to call these gals I love how they turned out!

I took them out for a little photo shoot the other day and we had such a blast.  I couldn’t decide which photos show their best angles so I’ve included many 🙂

I decided to decorate three pumpkins of different shapes.  An apple, a pear, and, well, I don’t know how to describe that small one… let’s just say they are all pumpkins.  These pumpkins were super easy and fun to make.  I started with white pumpkins and using acrylic paint I used three different techniques on them.


For the gal on the far left, I started at the top of the pumpkin and I drizzled silver and pink paint down the sides.  This was super easy and fun.  The key here is to be sure to let it dry before you move the pumpkin around too much.  She loved to sport the matching tutu for our photo shoot!


For the taller pumpkin I used a paint blotting technique. Again, super easy.  Just put some paint on a rag and blot it onto the pumpkin.  Use varying degrees of pressure, remove some paint, add some paint… have fun with this.  I love how it turned out and for her photo shoot I teamed her up with some lovely heart accents.

For the third pumpkin, the teeniest of the bunch, I divided and painted her into three sections.  And, yes, you guessed it, super easy and super girly.


I had a ton of fun making these pumpkins.  Although they don’t fit in with most traditional Halloween decor they look fabulous with a more dark and gothic decor – think black spider, black bats, black cats.

I wasn’t quite sure when I started this project where I was headed with these and now that they are complete I love my girly girl pumpkins and have a newfound appreciation for all of the fun new pumpkin techniques people are trying!


Hope I’ve inspired you to be creative this Halloween!  Have you done any of the non-traditional pumpkin decorating?  If so, what techniques did you use?   

Love, Kate


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