Food Allergies and Food Allergy Education Day

As I’ve mentioned before once or twice I plan on my blog taking on some more “life” topics after the Habitat Upcycle Challenge is complete.  My plan is to provide a nice mix of DIY, crafts, “everyday Mom topics” and Food Allergy and FPIES (more on that later) topics.

My daughter was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies about 3 months ago and I feel like there is so much I have to learn.  She has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and kiwi (which is a very odd allergy and warrants its own blog post soon,) and she is also allergic to eggs, and soy.  We’ll be getting further testing in about 5 months and praying that this list does not get longer and that she may possibly have outgrown her egg / soy allergies (the peanuts and kiwi are less likely.)   She also suffers from a condition called Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES,) and cannot tolerate diary or soy.  Recently we went through an oral milk challenge to see if she could tolerate the milk yet, but unfortunately she failed the challenge (see #2 in this post.)

We are really lucky to live in the Philadelphia Area and have the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) so close by.  My daughter is actively being seen by 4 specialists from CHOP and I am looking forward to attending their Food Allergy Education Day this Sunday, April 27th in Philadelphia.

Throughout the first 5-6 months of my daughters life we kept hitting roadblocks and “none” of our Doctors believed us when we kept saying  “…there’s just something not right with our daughter…” “…she’s clearly in pain, please help…” Finally we decided on seeing some specialists and got some answers when we saw the Physicians at CHOP and I cannot thank them enough for the many hours they have spent with us – our only regret is not seeing them sooner.

Putting our baby through allergy testing at 9 months was not easy.  Tears ran down my face as they pricked her arms and  I sat watching them for 20 minutes trying to remember what each allergen was.  I walked out of their office that day and my life was forever changed.  We finally had answers and an hour later I was carrying an anaphylaxis plan and trained on how to use an epi-pen – a new way forward.

If you know anyone local that is also dealing with food allergies and may benefit from this education day please pass the below flyer on to them.  I am really hoping to connect with other local Moms dealing with these conditions on a day-to-day basis.   I also plan on recapping the event on the blog next week.

Thanks for listening.


Love, Kate

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