Five Things {Weekly Link-Up Party}


It has been a week of ‘randomness’ which is the route I’m taking for my five things this week:

kthabitathouse1.  After completing the Habitat for Humanity Upcycle Challenge project last week we had one of two open house tours last weekend and it went way better than we had imagined.  Visitors were asking my Mom and me how long we’ve been designers for, did we have a portfolio for them to view, and complimented our style.   …well, we’re not technically “designers” but this project has definitely been inspiring and we cannot wait to see which direction it leads us in.  I have been envisioning selling some of my vintage finds, upcycled treasures, and transformed pieces online or at some popular local markets…  and, well, I just opened an Etsy store… Busy Bee Kate Vintage… which is still bare for the moment but I hope to change that over the next few weeks.


2.  Earth Day was celebrated this week and I help to organize an event with my Women’s group at our local Boys and Girls Club, helping the kids make upcycled bird feeders from milk and juice cartons (tutorial on the blog yesterday) and planters from tin cans.  The kids discussed Earth Day in class that day so it was a great project to help them understand reusing old items and turning them into something new, and they had a blast doing so!

ymca-logo-social3. I recently joined my local YMCA with my husband and daughter hoping to go 2-3 days a week.  I always belonged to a gym for as long as I can remember, but after becoming a Mom I found working out to Jillian Michaels at home was just as effective and easier to do while the baby napped or was playing.  Recently with the weather warming up I have been walking and running outdoors (with kid in-tow), but on days when it’s too hot or too rainy it would be a great option to have a gym.  I also want to get my daughter playing with other kids.  Since my daughter has been born (she’s one year old) we haven’t left her with anyone other than my Mom for about 30 minutes once or twice (!) and I also feel like she’s lacking in playtime with other kids.   Since joining last week I have gone to the YMCA three times with her so far and just sat in the daycare for 10 minutes each time watching what she will do without me – which is basically cry.   Yesterday when we went they, in better worded terms of course, “said we had to leave” because parents can’t stay more than 10 minutes in there with their kids (I honestly think they are tired of me watching over them!)  With her life-threatening allergies we have been slightly overprotective and extremely scared when she’s not in our care so this is a real challenge for me.  I hope in another week or so I can leave her for 30 minutes or an hour at a time so we both can get a much needed break from one another, but I honestly don’t know if I will really be able to enjoy a workout or relax without her within 5 feet of me.  To be continued…

brucespringsteen-borntorun-j2264b4. Last week I received an order for 60 Vintage Vinyl Journals  from one of my retailers in New Orleans and worked frantically to get them complete as they wanted them shipped in time for Jazz Fest (what a great line-up!) which is starting today.  I worked up until 6:23 Friday evening to get them to the UPS store for their latest drop-off at 6:30 and I failed.  Missed the UPS guy by 3 minutes.  Not life or death of course and the order shipped one day late, but if only I had 3 more minutes in my day…

5.  My good friend Diana at The World Around Her and I have both reached 100 fans on our Facebook pages and we wanted to thank our followers with a giveaway.  We contacted a few of our awesome woman-owned business friends and they pitched in a few items for you to win.  Check out these awesome prizes and we will actually have 3 winners!  Be sure to enter here and good luck!


Thanks for listening…

Love, Kate

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