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If you’ve been following me on the blog you know that my daughter suffers from severe life-threatening allergies (diary, soy, egg, peanut, kiwi, and pineapple – which is the most recent diagnosis from just 3 days ago.)  Since I am still breastfeeding I also have had to remove these items from my diet.  I’ve been dairy free for almost a year and the others from 3 days (pineapple) to 9 months, so I feel like I am really starting to get a better hold on my diet finally.

I do love a good sweet treat once and while and today for this weeks five things link-up with The World Around Her and Little Miss Mama I’m sharing my current top give top 8 free sweet snacks.  If you aren’t familiar with what the top 8 means, it refers to milk, eggs, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish.  People can be allergic to any food but these eight foods account for 90% of all food allergies.

Without further adieu…. here they are!



1. Sometimes you just need a chocolate chip cookie and these from Enjoy Life are very tasty and satisfy my cookie craving.  This is also one of the products I allow my daughter to share with me and she loves them just as much.  She knows where I store them and will stand in the kitchen pointing at the cabinet to let me know she’s craving one too!  They also make other crunchy cookies including chocolate chocolate chip, sugar, vanilla honey graham.  I guarantee you can fool anyone with these, they taste just as good (or better) than other cookies.

2. I found out about Surf Sweets at a recent food allergy conference, and picked up a couple bags of their jelly beans and gummy bears.  Once I opened them I was in heaven.  Love that these are made from organic fruit juices and taste so good. I love the smaller packages, perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. Another favorite are these semi-sweet chocolate mini chips from Enjoy Life.  I eat them straight out of the bag when I’m craving a chocolate-fix and also use them in homemade pancakes, cakes, and have made chocolate covered strawberries with them.  They are so delicious, you cannot tell they are diary or soy free which many chocolate chips have in them.

4. I love brownies, they are definitely one of my favorite dessert foods.  Once I found this Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix I gave it a try not expecting too much from it, but once I made it I was hooked.  I substituted applesauce for eggs, and used soy-free Earth Balance spread as the butter replacement the mix called for.  They came out super chocolately and have become my go-to mix for brownies ever since.

5. There is just something about a chocolate fudge bar that reminds me of my childhood.  One of the biggest things I miss by avoiding diary is ice cream, but these mini fudge bars from So Delicious meet that need.  They are the perfect sized non-diary treat (made from coconut milk) and are only 80 calories.  Great to cool you off on a hot summer night, they are, what can I say, So Delicious!

Here’s to snacking (in moderation of course!)

Love, Kate

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