Five Things {Link-Up Party!}

I’ve been blogging just under a month and I had no idea what a link-up party was… I kept seeing them on other blogs but wasn’t really sure how it all worked and, honestly, was afraid to crash the party and we all know how much we hate that!

So I’m taking some advice and learning from my pro-blogger and good friend Diana over at The World Around Her.  She just started a weekly link-up party last week and each week I am planning on joining her alongside Little Miss Mama and their Five Things link-up party.


The Five Things each week can be things that are on your “hot list” – what’s going on in your life this week, something you’re obsessing over – just really it is whatever is on your mind this week.  It has been a busy week and my mind is overflowing so narrowing it down to five things was hard, but here it goes – my FIVE THINGS:

1. I’m into the final two days of the Upcycle Challenge with Habitat for Humanity and my Mom has done the brunt of the work and I cannot thank her enough.  She understands how busy my life can get and hasn’t complained one bit.  (Thanks Mom!)   This last week we’ve both been running around adding some last minute touches to our room and cannot wait for the big reveal this Saturday.  It has been a fun challenge to work alongside my Mom with and we plan to continue the upcycling and thrifting fun long after this project is complete.


2. I have a daughter with life-threatening food allergies and FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome), and I will probably start devoting more of this blog to her, because, honestly, her allergies/syndrome and what she can and cannot eat or touch or be exposed to goes through my mind 15-20 hours a day, because many nights I lie awake thinking about it.  This was the week we got the go ahead to try to add milk back into her diet and sadly she failed her oral milk challenge.  If you’re not sure what a milk challenge is, it is basically 9 days long where you introduce milk orally, increasing the amount every 3 days.  By day 8 she seemed fine, I even told my in-laws, and texted my family that she’s going to pass – “let’s get ice cream this weekend, my treat!”  Well, day 9 was a different story and I’ll spare you the dirty diaper details but she did not pass.  And today we’re off to her fourth specialist to try to find some creative ways to get her more nutrition and to gain more weight.  (and did I mention I’m breastfeeding and haven’t had “real” cheese or ice cream in almost a year!)

jillian-michaels-600x8003.  I am a big devotee of Jillian Michaels and her Body Revolution is one awesome program.  I just want to give her a shout-out because she got me through this awfully cold and snowy winter after I cancelled my gym membership because I was fearful of leaving my daughter in anyone else’s care (see #2.)   Now that Spring is here I’ll be doing more running outside with my daughter in-tow and this past weekend I was able to get in a couple of ‘fast walks’ with her.  I’ll be working back up to running again this Spring and learning how to maneuver my jogging stroller without crashing into a tree!  I am so glad Spring has finally arrived here, I really needed the sun and warmer temps… but can she please take away the allergens?!

unique-egg-decorating-ideas-perfect-pair-01-sl4. Is it really Easter weekend?  Usually I’m on top of these holidays but with the Upcycle Challenge taking such priority this month I haven’t done an ounce of decorating or made any sweets for the holiday.  Even before I had kids I would  decorate a dozen or so eggs, and now that I have a daughter I want to share in with tradition with her…  but, she’s allergic to eggs too (see #2 again.)  So I’m working on some other ways to make it festive around here and we’ll be decorating some fake-eggs on Sunday.  Cannot wait.

madmenhome5. Mad Men returning to TV!  I must be honest here I didn’t catch on to the Mad Men train until about season 4 when I then obsessively watched episode after episode on Netflix.  I was hooked immediately and I so want to go back in time and live in that era.  The homes, the decor, the cars, the fashion – it’s all totally my style.  Like all Mad Men fans I’m sad this is the last season, and I’m sure anyone that calls themselves a big fan wouldn’t have missed the season opener, but with so much going on this past weekend I fell asleep and just haven’t had any TV time all week beside a bit of Sesame Street with the little one…. so don’t spoil the opener please… I am celebrating Easter with some “fake” cheese and some adult TV time 🙂

Here’s Diana’s Five Things this week!  Hopefully I will figure out the rest of the link-up party and will have some additional links below (I say crossing my fingers and toes!) later today when I get around to installing some backend software.

Thanks for joining in on my first ever link-up party.  Now pass the punch please 🙂

Love, Kate

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    Stopping by from the linkup! I love Jillian Michaels, too, and would love to try the Body Revolution program. Now that spring is finally here, I’m looking forward to getting back outside to exercise, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Stopping by via the link up!

    You are one amazing mama! We never know exactly what adventures we will get into once we enter parenthood. Congrats on continuing to breastfeed your daughter through these challenges. Hoping for some answers for all of you soon.

  3. Reply

    The Upcycle Challenge was great, everyone’s projects were so different and unique. Your room had the most work, you and your mom put a lot of time into it and did an amazing job, congrats! You guys should def win!

    You are so strong, I can’t imagine what you guys are going through. Big Hugs mama.

    We just got caught up on Mad Men tonight, so good! Can’t believe it’s ending too!

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