Enjoy Life Dash Button – Making it Easy to Eat Freely

Disclosure: Enjoy Life Foods sent me an Amazon Dash Button for free. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this review.

Enjoy Life Foods recently surprised me and my family with our very own Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash Button, and we were all so excited!  

The excitement was for various reasons: My daughter instantly recognized the Enjoy Life Foods logo and said “where are the cookies?!”  I thought it was such a cool concept and amazed at how technology is changing so quickly these days, and my husband was like “yea, you haven’t heard of the Dash Buttons yet?”   While our family is pretty techy (and Amazon junkies) I hadn’t yet heard of the Dash Buttons and this technology really takes shopping to a new level, and I can definitely see how useful it can be.

If you haven’t heard of the Amazon Dash Button yet either, it is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite product with the press of a button.

The Enjoy Life Dash Button is making it easy to eat freely.


I’m going to share with you my 15 easy steps below on how to set one up, but first, let me tell you a bit more about Dash Button.

You pair your Dash Button with a product of your choice, which is selected during the set-up process, and when you’re running low, you just simply press Dash Button.  

Dash Button is set up and managed through the Amazon App on Android or iOS smartphone, and works in any location with a Wi-Fi connection. Once set-up is complete, you can enable a notification to be sent to your smartphone every time an order is placed. 

This is a great feature… because my daughter kept pressing the Dash Button like there was no tomorrow.  I love cookies too, but I didn’t want 1,000 boxes to arrive at our doorstep!  The order protection will not place a new order until your prior order is delivered—regardless of how many times Dash Button is pressed, so this is really important if you have a child like mine who is really interested in pushing and pushing with the thought that the more times she pushes the faster the cookies will arrive!  If enabled you will receive an order notification for every order placed, and just like with ‘regular’ Amazon orders, this will allow you to cancel an order before it ships.

A Dash Button costs $4.99, and you will receive a credit for $4.99 after your first press. 

Dash Button is available for Prime members only!  We’ve been Prime members for along time and use it a LOT so if you are debating on getting a Prime membership, do it!

Amazon Dash Buttons are available in a wide range of household, beauty, kids, pet, and baby products.  Once you order your Dash Button you’ll need to set it up, and it’s pretty easy to do, here are the 15 steps I took to set mine up:


Pretty easy, right!?!?

Now that our Dash Button is set up we can order our Enjoy Life Foods products at the touch of a button, making it super easy to assure that we never run out of our cookies (or anything else you set up with the Dash Button!)  

The Enjoy Life Dash Button is really making it easy to eat freely.

Disclosure: Enjoy Life Foods sent me an Amazon Dash Button for free. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this review.


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