Easy Valentine’s Day Decor with Washi Tape

Disclosure: I received some of these products for free from Oriental Trading. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this post.

I can’t remember what life was like without washi tape.  I love it, I collect it, I horde it, let’s just say I have a lot of it.  And I try to use it whenever I can for a quick pop of color, to add some texture, or as an inexpensive way to liven my up decor, crafts or projects.  My daughter is quickly becoming obsessed with it too and couldn’t wait to join me in helping with this project.

Oriental Trading has a large selection of washi tape.  I was so excited when my rolls arrived which I planned to use for doing some easy Valentine’s decor.  And I love (excuse the pun) how all the projects turned out.  My mantle and fireplace are now decked out for the upcoming sweet holiday!

Here’s a look at some of the washi tape rolls that I received from Oriental Trading. I love how versatile washi tape is and how it comes in every color and design that you could imagine.

With this awesome selection I was able to liven up my mantle and fireplace for Valentine’s Day.  All it took was a couple of hours and using only about half of the washi tape shown above – which means I’ll be doing more projects with the remainder washi tape again soon!

I will share with you these fun projects that we did to complete this look below including:

  1. Heart garland made from paper 
  2. Heart canvas artwork using plain canvases
  3. Photo framed heart 
  4. Artwork using wooden hearts, doilies and cardboard
  5. Giant Valentine letters made from cardboard

The heart garland made from paper was so easy to make.  I really love how all the different styles and designs come together.  For this project you’ll need:

  • paper 
  • heart stencil (or hand drawn heart in the size and shape you want)
  • marker for tracing
  • scissors
  • hole punch 
  • washi tape
  • baker’s twine
  • any other elements for design and glue (gems, stickers, etc)

The first step is to chose your paper colors.  I went with mostly pinks, white, and a yellow as well.

Then take your stencil or hand draw a heart shape.  Cut out each heart.

After you have cut out each heart it is time to decorate them.  

Using your washi tape and any other design elements you have you can make some really fun and unique hearts!

The next step is to take your hole punch and punch holes in each top side of the heart and string your baker’s twine through and hang!

 The second project I want to share is the heart canvas artwork.  Again, another easy project to do. For this project you’ll need:

  • plain canvases 
  • heart shape for stenciling (or heart stencil)
  • pencil for tracing
  • washi tape

The first time is to trace your heart using a pencil on the canvasses.  You can do this in any size or even do multiple hearts on one, depending on your preference. 

From there you’ll want to add different colors of washi tape along the lines.  Here’s the time to get creative and layer different colors and designs.  

Once you are finished you’ll have a completed heart. 

Repeat the process for each canvas that you are decorating.   I had four canvases and alternated the colors of them.

The photo framed heart and artwork using wooden hearts, doilies and cardboard were also lots of fun to make.  

For these two projects you’ll need:

  • heart shaped frame (or a regular shaped frame and you can make heart shape inside it)
  • paper 
  • scissors
  • washi tape
  • cardboard (any size, that’s up to you)
  • wooden hearts
  • doilies 
  • glue

For the frame inside I used an old frame I had from years ago, cut a sheet of the same pager I used for the garland and just added washi tape stripes.  

For the photo, I actually made this on a piece of scrap cardboard which you would never know.  I decorated the cardboard with the washi tape and the I used the wooden hearts from Oriental Trading, cut out pieces of doilies into heart shapes, adhered with glue and then placed atop the washi taped cardboard. 

Both projects took under 10 minutes each and came out so adorable!

Okay, so how cool are these giant letters?!  For this last project you’ll need:

  • cardboard (any size, that’s up to you)
  • washi tape
  • doily
  • heart shaped sticker or paper cut into a heart shape
  • glue

Basically these can be done anyway that you’d like and are fun to make using your imagination!  I went with a doily with a heart shape sticker for the stamp and then added washi tape in different colors for the address areas. 

Oh and the look is complete with a small mailbox which I added washi tape too as well. 

I’m so in love with how everything turned out and my daughter and I had a great time doing the projects together and decorating.  Her favorite project was the giant letters… mine is a toss up between the banner and canvas hearts.

And remember, don’t forget to check out Oriental Trading for all your washi tape needs!

Here’s a final look at the completed mantle, have you ever used washi tape in your decor?  And of these projects which one is your favorite?   Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclosure: I received some of these products for free from Oriental Trading. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this post.

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