Easy Ikea Kids Furniture Facelift Using Contact Paper

When we moved recently my husband gave me a budget for new furniture for our new home, but forget to include a budget for my daughters playroom which I wasn’t so happy about – but understood and was up for the challenge!  

I found some great pieces like a train table and art easel at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore but wasn’t able to come across a children table and chair set which we both really wanted for the many art projects we do together.  

Luckily I put a feeler out to see if anyone had a used one for sale and friends of ours offered us a used set from Ikea (that they were thinking about tossing,) for free!  Score!  The set was pretty worn and was kept out in the sun, but the actual wear on it wasn’t that great, so I gladly accepted and was grateful for their generosity.  Here is what it looked like before:


I knew upon seeing the set that I could refinish it somehow, and while I thought painting might do the trick I was nervous about the paint chipping and peeling after some use, so instead I went the route of using some fun contact (self adhesive vinyl film) paper and couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome!

I love this project for many reasons:

-it’s simple!
-costs about $10-$20 (depending on what paper you chose)!
– is a great way to upcycle furniture that still has life to it!

The first step is to clean the furniture well and allow to throughly dry before applying the contact paper.  Next you want to choose your paper.  I found mine on Amazon and Target and Wal-Mart also carry some fun designs now too.  Lastly go ahead and cut the contact paper to fit the table top / stool tops and apply!

Don’t these look awesome!?!  I have gotten so many compliments from friends on the set now and it looks brand new and even so much cooler than it originally did.  If you can’t find a hand-me-down set be sure to check your local thrift stores and flea markets.  Often times parents will donate them after their kids have outgrown them.

This project is really so easy to do and the same concept can be used on other pieces of furniture too- anywhere from drawer fronts to headboards to making over old artwork- contact paper is so versatile and inexpensive!

Another great part about the set is that I can easily change out the contact paper once it gets worn, when I am ready for a new look, and I also don’t have to stress if it gets splattered with paint or glue.

Have you ever made over any furniture with contact paper?  Share your projects in the comments below!


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    Great Article…! I read your full article and I get some essential tips. You have shared an awesome tutorial in your post. Really this is a very good piece of furniture to playing kids. I like your decoration and making tips and tricks. It looks like awesome and stylish. This is unique designs feel so good. Good job, Keep it up and go ahead your project. I am trying to follow your technique. Thanks for sharing your post.

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    In the beginning, I thought you were going to paint over these! Sticky contact paper is awesome!

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