Easy DIY Memo Board + Liquid Chalkers Markers Review

Disclosure: I was invited to be in the review group by the author and received a copy of Liquid Chalkers for free. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this review.  This post contains affiliate links. 

I thrive on to-do lists and memos and sometimes just have so many things going on that I can easily forget one of them in a day, so I wanted to create a fun way to keep myself reminded of what needed to get done.  

I picked up this awesome plastic frame in the thrift store for .25 cents (check out the yellow store stickers to prove it,) gathered some fun fabric, a staple gun, and some new Liquid Chalker markers that my friends over at Paper & Twine sent for my review.


The supplies you need for this project are:

– Photo Frame (glass or plastic would work)
– Up to a 1/2 of Fabric (depending on the size of your frame.  Scraps and remnants work great for this.)
– Stapler gun & staples
– Scissors
Liquid Chalker markers


p.s. You could make this memo board with any photo frame, and photo frames which great to pick up used at thrift stores!

The first step is to cut your fabric to fit the size of your frame and edges and leave about 2 inches extra on all sides.


I took the easy way of measuring and placed the fabric inside the frame.  You don’t have to be exact with this, as the edges will be stapled to the back of the frame and will not be seen.  Cut the fabric.


Next place the fabric back inside the frame and place the back on top.  Then pull the fabric taunt and make “hospital corners” as shown below.


Then take your staple gun and staple around the edges of the fabric onto the frame backing.


While doing this make sure you pull the fabric tight so it doesn’t buckle on the front side.


Continue to staple around all of the outside edges of the fabric, pulling it taunt as you staple.


Turn the board over and hang!  


I decided to place mine in our kitchen and love that even when blank just looks like a beautiful piece of artwork. This project would also work great in an office or childs room!


Now comes the fun part (as if I wasn’t having fun already!?).… grab your Liquid Chalkers and get started with your to-do lists and memos!


I often keep few to-do lists around the house and tend to misplace them easily, but now I have one list in a place that won’t be moving on me anytime soon!


I love how these new Liquid Chalker pens worked to turn the boring frame into an awesome and useful memo board.   The pens come in an 8 count pack and include 8 vibrant colors: green, purple, red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, and white.  Now I probably should’ve thought about using a bit of a lighter fabric choice, but I still love the look and you’ll see below how vibrant they look on regular glass as well.LiquidChalker2These pens also work great on windows, mirrors, glass tables, and whiteboards.  They have no bad odor and wipe off much easier than traditional whiteboard pens.   I love making personal greetings on the front door!


I love how vibrant the colors are, they’re so easy to use, and the consistency is great. They draw and write very smoothly. They dry quickly and they wipe off in cinch!


This board would also work well as a menu board… but I’ve got some other plans for one of them in my home soon, stay tuned for that project coming up!

I really loved working with the Liquid Chalkers and a quick note if you are going to give them a try you should remember that like all liquid chalk pens, they are designed to be used on non-porous surfaces (surfaces that do not easily absorb liquid).  While regular chalk will work on chalkboard paint (although it leaves a dusty mess), all liquid chalk seep into porous surfaces and can be difficult to remove. Unfortunately, chalkboards/blackboards and surfaces coated in chalkboard paint can vary considerably in how porous they are. If your chalkboard has a glass, metal, sealed ceramic (not raw pottery) or plastic backing and wasn’t painted in absorbent paint then it is likely non-porous and the liquid chalk will wipe off.  If you’re unsure, please test a hidden area with them before proceeding to use them for your project. 

Hope you enjoyed my easy DIY Memo Board!  What tasks would be on your to-do list or memo board?

Disclosure: I was invited to be in the review group by the author and received a copy of Liquid Chalkers for free. My opinions are my own and I was not paid or required to write this review.  This post contains affiliate links.

Love, Kate

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