Easy Allergy-Friendly {Knock-off} Chipwich

For this food “knock-off” you’ll only need 3 simple ingredients and less than 5 minutes to make.  It is that simple.  Seriously.  



I loved Chipwiches when I was a kid.  This was hands-down my favorite ice cream treat and the one I would pick up from the local ice cream truck.  Oh how I miss that ice cream truck.  A Chipwich combines two of my favorite things, chocolate chip cookies and ice cream which just cannot be beat in my book.  

Now that I’m all grown-up I cannot tell you the last time I ate a Chipwich, but the other evening for some reason out of the blue I had a craving for one, so I decided to make my own allergy-friendly version.   Here are the 3 items you’ll need:

1.  {your go-to} Chocolate chips – for me this is Enjoy Life semi-sweet mini chocolate chips 

2.  {your go-to} Chocolate Chip Cookies – for me this is Enjoy Life crunchy cookies.  You could also try their soft-baked ones for a softer sandwich.

3. {your go-to} ‘Ice Cream’ – for me this is Luna and Larry’s Vanilla Island.  It is the best allergy-friendly ice cream I have tasted.

*all of these three items are top 8 free, but, as with any foods and allergies be sure to check the package to make sure that they are safe for your allergies*


The steps to make one are just as simple.  Just add your ice cream onto one cookie, place the other cookie on top, and roll the edges in the chocolate chips.  It’s that simple.  I honestly took more time taking these photos then making mine.  

My daughter was so excited to try this too, and since all of the items are allergy-friendly for her too we enjoyed sharing our knock-off Chipwich together.  This is definitely going to be my new go-to treat!  

You can also mix it up with different cookie and ice cream flavors.  Next time I’m going to try using the Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Luna and Larry’s Mint Chocolate Ice Cream – oh I can almost taste this now.

Here are a couple more photos of the masterpiece.  Do you have an allergy-friendly food knock-off?  Leave a comment below and share, I love trying new recipes!





Love, Kate

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    Such a cute idea to make one with allergy free ingredients when you can’t find an ice cream sandwich that is allergy friendly. Now I want a chipwich!

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