DIY Yarn Christmas Tree {Kids Craft}

This is such a fun and festive project to do with the kids this holiday season!  I love the final result and my daughter was very proud of her Christmas Tree.  I’m also linking up with the Time for Mom Holiday Craft Challenge and if you like my project please vote for me here (just scroll to the bottom of the post and like {Like} on #38.!)

Here’s the final look:


The supplies you’ll need for this project are:

– green yarn {I love this big and bulky one!}
– pom-poms
– beads
– one piece of green scrapbooking paper
– glitter scrapbooking paper {for the star and stem}
– glue
– scissors
– pipe cleaners
– small piece of wire to hold the star in place


 Start by cutting out your Christmas Tree.  I just folded my green paper in half to make the triangle tree shape.


Next add the glue onto the paper {this is how you’ll adhere the yarn.}


Place the yarn in a zig zag pattern onto the paper. I started from the bottom up.  Be sure to occasionally press the yarn onto the glue.


 Next grab your pom-poms !


Start placing them onto the yarn.  My daughter loved this part.  She would pick it up and point and say here.  I adhered them with a dab of glue.  We also added 3 pipe cleaners onto the tree.  I just bent these around the back of the tree. 


 You can also add beads, which we did, and loved.  I glued these onto the yarn as well. 


Have fun!  Make memories!


 Here’s the final look!



Now add the star onto the top and base using your glitter scrapbooking paper.  This added the final touch to the tree. 


I really enjoyed making this craft with my daughter and she was proud to pose for a photo with it!


Another view of the final look.  What a fun and festive decor item that has a great memory behind it.  


Do you have any fun kids holiday crafts that you like to do with your family?  If so, leave a comment letting me know the favorite memory you have of you and your family crafting during the holidays.

And p.s. if you like my project please vote for me here (just scroll to the bottom of the post and like {Like} on #38.!)  Thank you!!


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    aww what a fun idea for kids and for a Christmas craft!! She’s so cute and looks like she’s really into it, that’s what counts!

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