DIY Under 5 – Statement Jewelry Display

BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5LogoToday’s DIY Under 5 involves almost no cost at all, just a little time exploring to find a fallen tree branch at your local park or in your own backyard, and a couple of screws to attach it to the wall.  These two items will make you one amazing statement jewelry display.

I love using nature in decorating and this is one of my favorite and least expensive ways to do so.  A simple tree branch to showcase your jewelry provides for a lovely way to bring the outdoors inside.  We used this in our Upcycle Challenge this past Spring and it received rave reviews.

I started looking for the perfect tree branch and I stumbled upon this fallen branch after a local heavy storm. I loved the shape of the limbs, so I mounted to the top of my car and brought it home.  As I arrived home my Father pointed out that we had hundreds of branches on our own property – but something about this one made it just right.  (If you decide to bring a branch home, I would advise you to pack some rope in your car to tie it to the roof safely, and please use extreme caution in doing so.)


After bringing the branch home, cut away any smaller limbs or limbs that might be too large for the space.  Then find the space on your wall and drill two screws directly into the wall going through the larger parts of the branch.  Yes, it is that simple.  There are other ways you can mount to the wall but we choose the most simplistic one and love the look.

Now hang your favorite jewelry on the branches and you have one amazing looking statement piece for your room.   This would also be a perfect dorm room accent piece above your bureau and mirror, as shown below.



Have you brought the outside indoors in any of your decorating?  Would you be so daring to do something like this?
Love, Kate

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