DIY Under 5 – Scary, Not So Scary Halloween Ghosts

BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5LogoI love this weeks DIY Under 5 project because Halloween marks the start of the holiday season for me and that means more crafts, more yummy recipes, and more time spent with family.

I call these ghosts “scary, not so scary” because I find them a little cute, if you could find a ghost cute that is.  


p.s. I have to apologize in advance for the lack of the final photos… you’ll see this was a fun DIY project that my Mom and I did with the kids – that being my daughter, 2 nieces and nephew – and they wanted to take these ghosts home RIGHT AWAY!  Which means I didn’t get proper photo time with them.  I hope to visit them this weekend for a photo shoot!

The supplies you’ll need for this project are:

– Cheese Cloth
– Liquid Starch (Purex Sta-Flo is what I use) (and old bowl or container to pour into)
– Black Felt (for Ghost Eyes)
– Battery-operated Tealight (I found mine in Target in the Dollar Spot section)
– Paint Brush
– Scissors / Razor Knife
– Plastic Bottle (2 liter soda / juice container)
– Tape
– White glue
– Ball (or another round object)
– Plenty of rags for clean-up!


I am starting to use this a lot more in crafts~


Simple LED Tealights from Target~ 2 for $1.00

Step 1: Using scissors or a razor blade remove the top of your soda / juice containers.  This will make for a flat base as the bottom of the container will now become the top (see step 2 photo.)

Step 2: Make the form for your ghost.  You can vary the sizes of your ghosts and make a family if you’d like.  Turn your bottle upside down, take your ball or other round object and tape it to the bottom of your bottle, this will be used to form the head of the ghost.

Step 3: Unroll you cheese cloth and cut to the length of the bottle plus 2 inches.

Step 4:  Pour our your liquid starch in your bowl or pan… and put on gloves if you don’t want to get too messy!

Step 5: Dip your cheese cloth into the liquid starch. (we had a couple of bowls going because we had 4 kids at work at once.)  Here is my niece getting ready to dip the cheese cloth into the liquid starch.BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5-ScaryNotSoScaryHalloweenGhostsStep5

Step 6:  Place the liquid starch-covered cheese cloth over your form.  This should be done 2-3 times depending on how much you want to build up your ghost  and see through.BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5-ScaryNotSoScaryHalloweenGhostsStep6

Step 7:  Press down on the cheese cloth to assure the cheese cloth is sticking to each other.

Step 8:  Fold the bottom of the ghost inward and shape to your liking.  Allow the cheese cloth to dry completely on the form.  This can take up to 24 hours.  You can also speed the drying process by using a hair dryer.BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5-ScaryNotSoScaryHalloweenGhostsStep8

Step 9:  Remove the cheese cloth from the form {it should just pop off once dry} and add some eyes using black felt and glue.  Place the tealight inside the ghost!

Here is one of our “scary, not so scary” ghosts… tell me he isn’t the cutest ghost you have ever seen?!


Now check out the ghost below… well, he isn’t too cute… I’d put him in the scary category.  

Making this larger ghost was done using the same process, but with a much larger form.  My Mom tackled this project (without the kids by our sides) and also decided to dye the cheese cloth using tea, which is a simple process {basically you heat up some water, make some tea, add the cheesecloth and let it sit until the color you’d like then rinse and allow to dry.}

I love this ghost looks on her mantle.  He fits in perfectly with her decor… remind me to share how cool her house is too, it’s like out of the magazines cool… anyway I’m side tracked, he looks so realistic (are ghosts real?!) and like he’s about to sneak up on someone and scare them.  


Here’s another view… I don’t think I’d welcome this ghost into my home… well, maybe just for Halloween.  Would you?  

I just hope he doesn’t haunt my dreams {or yours} tonight.


Love, Kate

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    • Jaime Nicole
    • December 4, 2014

    These are adorable – and only a little scary! Great project!

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