DIY Under 5 – Fun Fall Centerpiece!


My daughter and I love exploring the outdoors and we have been slightly obsessed with collecting pine cones and sticks so I decided to build off of my DIY tissue paper plate turkeys last week and put together another fun fall project which I spotted in the recent Whole Foods booklet.

This is such a fun one to do with the kids as you can  get out and explore nature and collect the items together.  These centerpieces are simple and they require just a few supplies: 

– Glue
– Tissue Paper (in varied colors)
– Scissors
– Pine Cones
– Sticks
– Glass Jar 


I just love pine cones and collecting them this time of the year!  I cannot wait to make some other fun projects with them this season.


After collecting your supplies cut your tissue paper into squares about the size of 2″ x 2″. 


No need to be perfect on these, I varied mine a bit as you’ll see in the next photo.


 Add your pine cones into the jar… these look great and will also help the sticks stay in place.


The next step is to place a dab of glue onto the center of each tissue square.  Here’s my helper checking out her glue.  She loves to craft with glue {and let me tell you how much fun I have cleaning up..>!}


 She did a wonderful job.  Focused and hard at work.


Now grab your tissue squares with the glue and fold around the branches to mimic leaves.  Mix up the colors and have fun!


Continue doing this for all the branches that you choose to make.


 We decorated four branches, placed them into the jar with the pine cones… and tada!  One simple, fun, festive holiday centerpiece. 


 I intend to add a few more items to surround the centerpiece… I just haven’t gotten there quite yet.



What do you think?  A fun project to do with the kids for well under $5. 

Love, Kate

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