DIY Under 5 – Easy Halloween Food & Vase Picks


Today I’m sharing a very easy DIY Under 5 to make some cute Halloween food and vase picks using just a handful of supplies that you most likely have in the house.

These picks are a great way to decorate cupcakes or cakes and also fun accents to add in a vase.  I also added a mason jar vase into the display by simply spray painting it black.  

The supplies you need for this project are:

– scrap paper
– pipe cleaner
– skewer
– tape 
– pencil
– cookie cutters (optional)


The cookie cutters are optional, if you are good at drawing then they are not needed, if not they provide easy templates for tracing designs. 


The first step is to take your cookie cutter and draw your designs on the color card stock that you’d like.  I originally used the bat cookie cutter but decided to make the bats a little larger, as shown below.  Cut out the designs.


After cutting the designs out take your skewer and attach your design to the skewer using a small pieces of tape.

Taking a pencil, wrap the skewer with a pipe cleaner.  Have fun and mix of the colors.

Remove the pipe cleaner and place around the skewer with your design.

I did 3 bats and placed them into a mason jar which I spray painted black.

 After completing the bats for the mason jar I did a pumpkin, ghost, and cat for the cupcakes.  


 Here’s a better view of the mason jar vase.


And here’s the completed cupcakes!

What a fun and easy way to decorate your cupcakes for the holiday!  I cannot wait to use the same concept for other holidays too!


Love, Kate



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    Really cute! I’ll have to make some before tonight!

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