DIY Under 5 – Easy Decorated Clipboard

 BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5LogoHow many times have you searched around your home or office for a pen and paper to jot down a note or reminder?!  I do it all the time!

And last time I was searching I came upon a couple of clipboards and I decided they would be perfect for keeping me from having to do that search pretty much daily.  

So I grabbed one of the clipboards, thought about adding some paper onto it and then thought again about making it not just a useful office accessory but a cool looking one too.

For this DIY Under 5 you’ll need:

– Clipboard
– Wall Art Stickers (I found mine at Dollar Tree!  These are by Main Street Wall Creations Adhesive)
– Acrylic Paint
– Paint Brushes
– Painters Tape
– Mod Podge (not shown)


I just love this owl, so bright and cheery! …and just $1.00 (and Made in the USA too!)


These poly-brushes work great for painting and are a must in my craft artillery! BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5-EasyDecoratedClipboardSupplies3

The first step is to take your painters tape and tape off the design you’d like to paint.  I made mine pretty random as you’ll see.  Next, grab your paint and be creative!


Continue painting the other areas of the board.  After the paint is dry remove the tape and add accent lines if you’d like.  I chose to use silver for mine.


Another work in process view.


Now take your wall sticker(s) and place them onto the painted clipboard.  Make sure the paint is fully dry before adding your sticker(s).


After placing the sticker where you’d like it be be sure to rub down completely.  You’ll see mine above wasn’t yet fully pressed down before I snapped the photo.  Continue placing the stickers as you see fit.  

Next grab your accent color (silver in this case,) and outline the stickers.  This is optional but I found that it really added a nice finishing touch to the owl and tree.

The last step in the process is to paint the clipboard with 2 coats of Mod Podge and that’s it!  Now check out the finished product:


I love how this clipboard turned out… much better than I anticipated and also much more fun than the boring brown one I started with.  I added some paper and used some string to tie up a pencil to always have it handy!


I hung this on my office wall and now I know when I have notes or reminders to jot down I have a go-to place and won’t have to spend the time looking around for pen and paper!  Plus it makes really cool wall art!  Nothing beats function and style!


Hoot hoot… what a fun project!  So, I want to know do you also misplace your pens and paper?

Love, Kate 

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    You know I love the owl!! Such a fun craft idea and way to dress up a boring clipboard!

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