DIY Under 5 – Dora the Explorer (or your kids favorite character) Kids Mirror

BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5LogoI am a few weeks (yikes!) behind on my DIY Under 5 projects both because I was so busy making some fun things last week and because I had a daughter who was sick so I had put off blogging about these projects, but this week my goal is to treat you with two projects!   

For todays DIY Under 5 feature I am showing you how to make a simple kids mirror for under $2.00.

My daughter is currently obsessed with Dora… I mean obsessed.  We’re not really sure how the obsession started, possibly from some books that she received from her cousins and then turning to Dora one night while prepping dinner hooked her in even more… either way, she loves Dora the Explorer and her gang. 

I wasn’t thrilled that she has an obsession with Dora at first, but she has grown on me and she has one favorite episode (A Crown for King Bobo) that we insisted her Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop watch with her to get some of the jokes we share with her.  We limit her viewing to one episode a day while I’m prepping dinner.   

This was one of those “on a whim” projects.  I had picked up the mirror a couple of weeks back knowing my daughter would love one in her play area for dress-up but I wasn’t sure I wanted to hang up something so “boring,” but I also wasn’t sure what to do with it without spending much money.

Dora-accessory-kit-1Then yesterday during a shopping trip I allowed my daughter to pick up a Dora Accessory Kit and she was thrilled!  She couldn’t wait to open it as soon as we got home…. and while opening it I realized how cool the Dora photos were on the outside and decided I better open the package more carefully with scissors, thinking at the same time how I could use the cool graphics.  

Then I remembered the mirror, grabbed it and we were off starting this fun DIY project together.

This project can be done using any sort of graphics you have from toy packaging or the like.  The packaging that we used was cardboard and found that it worked well.

The supplies you’ll need for this project are:

– Scissors
– Mirror (we used a dollar store one)
– Washi Tape (you can skip this part if you’d like, but I thought it really made the final mirror)
– Graphics (from a toy packaging or box)
– White Glue

The first step is to make sure you take extra care in opening your childs new toy with the scissors.  Save their favorite characters or sayings from the package.  Let them help with this part by choosing which parts they like best from the package.  We used pretty much all of the photos from the package for our mirror.




Next, grab your mirror and apply the wash tape on the edges!


Then taking your cut-out character pieces decide where you want them to be placed, add white glue to the back of the pieces, and adhere them to the mirror.


Continue this step until all pieces are adhered to the mirror.  Allow to dry then clean with a window cleaner lightly making sure not to soak the cardboard pieces.

Here is our finished product below!  

p.s. If you have ever taken photos of a mirror this part is tricky, I apologize for the lack of finished photos on this project, I didn’t want you all to see how messy of a playroom we keep  🙂 



I think the mirror came out great and at under $2.00 I like it even better!  My daughter LOVED her mirror and that she got to help make it too.  It is a quick and inexpensive project and a great way to use some items that otherwise you would have thrown away.

Here she is checking herself (and the new mirror) out before it was hung in her playroom.  I’m not sure if she’s smiling at herself, Dora, or Boots… !?


And now hung!  Mirror, mirror on the wall…  


 Please note:  Dora the Explorer and all related-characters are property of Nickelodeon.  

Love, Kate

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    • Diana
    • September 24, 2014

    So cute!! Wow her hair is getting long! Miss you guys! xoxo Really cute idea!

      • ktadmin
      • September 25, 2014

      Thanks! Miss you too… hope we can see you next week when all the sick bugs are gone 🙂

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