DIY Under 5 – Decor Balls From Vintage Record Covers

BusyBeeKate-DIYUnder5LogoFor todays DIY Under 5 feature I am showing you how to make some cool decor balls that I made out of old record album (LP) cover inserts.  I have a small business called Vintage Vinyl Journals where I make journals out of old albums and album covers and I have a ton of the insert covers in boxes because they aren’t used in the journal making, so I was trying to think of a way to use them, and thought of making some cool decor balls to sit atop our credenza next to our record player. 

The supplies you’ll need for this project are listed below {and shown on the below graphic}:

– Styrofoam Balls
– Liquid Starch (Purex Sta Flo – I picked mine up in Wal-Mart, it is located with the laundry products.)
– Old Record Cover Inserts (or any other paper you’d like to use)
– Scissors (or Guillotine Cutter)
– Rags for clean-up
– Bowl for putting liquid starch into (use a disposable / crafts, do not use the bowl for eating food afterwards.)
– Mod Podge (optional: it is used to seal and coat the ball after dried, definitely makes the balls “pop”)
– Foam Brush


Also, be sure to have a work surface area that can get a little messy or cover with some old newspaper beforehand to help ease with the clean-up.

After gathering your supplies the first step is cut the album cover inserts into strips.  


They can be random sizes but I recommend about 1/4″ thick and 6-8″ long.  You’ll see I switched up the sizes of the strips (and decided to use the guillotine cutter vs. scissors for more straight cuts).  You don’t have to be exact on the width or length of your sizes.


Next, pour some of the liquid starch into the bowl.


Dip the styrofoam ball into the liquid starch.  Move around to ensure all of the ball is covered.


Now dip your cut paper strips into the bowl and start placing around the ball.  (Your hands will get a bit messy while doing this, but the liquid starch is easily wiped off with soap and water.)  When doing this be sure to press the strips down onto the ball to remove bubbles or creases.   (p.s. please excuse the messy photos, my hands were covered in liquid starch and thrying to photo without getting my camera all sticky wasn’t as easy as I thought!)



Continue this process until the ball is completely covered and now of the styrofoam is showing.  Work the pieces on in varying parts and locations, overlapping.  There is no right or wrong to put the strips onto the ball… this is the fun part, so work them on then see how cool they will look after you are complete!


After covering all of the ball place it on top of a piece of plastic wrap or an old glass jar.  (I used glass jars.)  After about an hour I turned the ball so it wouldn’t stick completely to the jar.   Allow to dry overnight.

After the ball is dry take your Mod Podge to seal the ball and to make it shine a bit.  Just apply with a foam brush.


Here are the completed balls.  I did 4 in total and displayed in an upcycled record bowl which can easily be made in your own oven using an old record (if you are interested in a tutorial for the record bowl please leave a comment!)

The artists I used were Pink Floyd, Elvis, The Beatles and Hall and Oates.  My husband is a big Hall and Oates fan so I sorta made that one for him.  It would be fun to make a series of these by the same artists and different album covers, or 80s album covers (since they tend to be a bit brighter.)  I might have to make some more of these soon and I think these would make the perfect gift – especially for a guy or someone that is really into music or records.  

I really do love how these turned out, they look great on display near our vinyl collection and record player!  





Love, Kate




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