DIY Teal Pumpkin & Food Allergy Awareness Jewelry

This past weekend we attended the FARE walk for food allergy locally and I wanted to wear some fun jewelry that symbolized what the event was all about – food allergies.  Teal is the color of food allergy awareness, so I decided to make these simple teal barrettes and necklaces for my daughter and I.  


And I also made a set of barrettes with pumpkins too!

These all can be made for under $5 (depending on if you have the paint at home, but this project uses less than $1 of paint.) They great to wear to food allergy walks, and around town to spread awareness.  

The supplies you’ll need to make these are:
-Spray paint (shown is Rust-Oluem Seaside)
-Barrettes (I picked these up at Michael’s)
-Teal Glitter – had to pick up a multi-pack to get the color I was going for (from Michael’s)
-Pink Awareness Ribbons – since they don’t have teal ones in the store (yet!) (from Michael’s)
-Jewelry Glue
-String for necklace (not shown)
-Teal Beads (not shown) – we just used pony beads because I wanted to be able to make the necklace with my daughter helping, these are easy for her to handle (from Michael’s)
– Optional: Pumpkin Wooden Beads – I couldn’t find any singly so purchased a little kids craft kit for Thanksgiving and used them.  (from Michael’s)


Here is a closer look at the ribbons, these are actually marketed as craft buttons, but can be used in jewelry too.


And the pumpkin beads from the multi-pack:


The first step is to set up your work surface for spray painting the beads and barrettes.  I usually do this outback on the lawn, we all know how smelly that stuff can get!


While the paint is drying sprinkle on some of the glitter.  This really adds to the jewelry – of course you can skip if you think it’s too messy!


And here they are all glittered!


After the needs and ribbons have dried, the last step is adhere them to the barrettes using the jewelry glue.  Here is my daughter modeling them…. how adorable are these?!


And if you want to make a necklace just string the beads right on and place the ribbon button in the middle.  I actually tied the ribbon button one, as using the one on the back made it hang poorly.  Tying on seemed to do the trick!


I really loved how the barrette and necklace set came out… we’ll be wearing these for many years, to events, parties, and at Halloween!


Be sure to stop back tomorrow for a great non-food treat you can hand out this Halloween that is easy to make and also helps to spread food allergy awareness!BBKSignatureSmall

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    What a great idea! My girls would love those. I will have to try it out!

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