DIY Shredded Paper Bowl

Almost everyone has a shredder these days, you can never be to safe in discarding important and sensitive documents around the home and in the workplace.  We were about to throw this heap of shredded paper into the recycling bin the day after getting notified we were chosen for the Upcycle Challenge, and a thought occurred to us about how we could use this otherwise trash in our room.  So here’s our tutorial on how to make a bowl out of shredded paper.


– Shredded Paper (amount needed is determined by the size of the bowl you want to make)
– Pam (kitchen spray)
– Waxed Paper
– Mod Podge
– White Glue
– Water
– Bowl for a template
– Small piece of wood / broken tree limb (or any other sort of base you prefer)
– Black Spray Paint (for base)
– Gold Rub and Buff (for base)


Decide on how you’d like your bowl to look and assure you have enough shredded paper for the size and thickness you desire.


Taking the bowl we lightly sprayed the interior with Pam then lined with wax paper, and smoothed the area out.  (Note: We used in the inside of the bowl for our template, you can also use the outside, but our bowl had a base so it would not have work in this instance.)

Knowing that we didn’t have enough Mod Podge at home, we mixed white glue, our leftover Mod Podge, and warm water – stirring until we got a smooth and slightly heavy batter.

The paper seemed a little dry so we moistened it slightly, and mixed with the batter.  After mixing we then placed the paper into the bowl, replicating the shape, and pressing to walls of bowl, repeating process until bowl was lined with shredded papers, and the thickness we wanted.



Keeping the shredded bowl inside the template bowl, allow it to dry.  Ours took about 4 days to completely dry, so please be patient here.  We also moved it to a hotter area of the home to speed up the drying process.  After the new bowl is dry, remove from the template bowl.  The new bowl will be easy to remove with the wax paper as a barrier allowing it not to stick to the template bowl.

Here’s the completed bowl before we added our base – We love how the colors show through from some of the papers:


For our base, we used a slice of a broken tree limb, sprayed painted it black, and rubbed on some gold Rub and Buff.  We love using nature in our designs and this base worked great for our bowl.  Inside the bowl we made some string bowls.  We’ll have the tutorial on these later in the week.


What do you think?  Have you ever made any projects with shredded paper?   We love ours and cannot wait to show of our new bowl in our Upcycle Challenge room this weekend!

Love, Kate


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    Painting the paper bowl seems like a good idea to make it even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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