DIY Fun Shape Crayons!

Summer is officially here which means the kids are home from school…. and I’ve seem some posts where Moms are saying the summer boredom is starting to kick in!  Really!?  Already!?

When I was a kid I felt like I was never bored during our summer vacations, but I also felt like we occupied ourselves more easily – you know without the need for constant electronic games to pass the time.  We’d get outside, run around, walk to our local playground, play a game of pick-up soccer, do something crafty… the possibilities seemed endless and I didn’t want the long summer days and nights to end.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old my best friend and I started a business making hair scrunchies (dont judge, ‘t was the 80s) and we would spend some of our summer Saturdays going to local craft shows to sell them at.  (And secret be told, I am probably the only one in the universe hoping hair scrunchies come back in style so I can relaunch our business.)

Now back to the crayons….

We recently celebrated my daughter turning one and I had a decided on a colorful rainbow-themed birthday party.   I wanted to go the non-traditional route instead of Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, or Dora while she was still young and didn’t have any strong preferences.  (I have a feeling I’ll be hosting a Elmo themed party for her second birthday.)  I loved the themed and DIY’ed some colorful decorations and my Mom pitched in to help with some yummy and colorful desserts.  Putting the party together was a lot of fun and I will recapping it soon on the blog.

Today I want to show you how easy it is to make homemade crayons using smaller, broken pieces of crayons (or large crayons if you wish.)  I made them for the party and included them in the children’s goodie bags along with a coloring book and a few other trinkets.


Beside being a fun party favor, the crayons are also a great kids craft for the summer and a fun project for the upcoming July 4th holiday using red, white, and blue colors.  I’ll walk you through how to make these below.

BusyBeeKate-CrayonsMoldTray3Supplies Needed:
– Broken crayons (or full ones cut down into smaller pieces)
– Cooking oil spray (like Pam)
– Silicone mold (like those used for ice cubes – please note after you use them for making crayons DO NOT reuse them again for anything edible.)  We used a star one by Wilton>
– Oven


Step 1: Preheat oven to 200° F.  Peel off any paper wrappers from the crayons.

Step 2: Break larger crayon pieces into smaller size pieces.  You can use a kitchen knife to cut them down to about 1/2″ in size.


Step 3: Spray molds with cooking oil spray lightly.

Step 4: Fill molds with crayon pieces.  You can use any colors you have on-hand, mix and match, this is the fun part!

Step 5: Place molds on a cookie sheet for stability and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until crayons are completely melted.


Step 6:  Remove cookie sheet from oven very carefully, so as not to spill any melted crayon.
Step 7:  The crayons will cool as they harden.  You can speed up the process by placing the molds into the freezer for about 30 minutes.
Step 8:  When the bottom of the molds are cool you can easily “pop” the crayons out by pushing each crayon up and out from the bottom. If the molds are still warm to the touch, allow to cool further for about 10 more minutes.

Here are some of the completed crayons:


And more….


I really love how these turned out, they made for a fun party favor and my daughter enjoyed coloring with them as much as I did.  It was fun to be surprised with what color would show up next and made for some cool pictures.

I do want to add that depending on the size of your molds, the crayons are small and little kids can mistake them for candy / something edible.  If you plan on giving them away or using them in goodie bags I recommend enclosing a tag saying that they are not food so parents of the little kids can make sure they don’t mistake them as such.  Click here for rainbow-themed “Do Not Eat” tags like those shown on the bags above.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Love, Kate

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